Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lens Review ♡ Komi Look SunFlower Brown ( ・ω・`)//~~

Heyo~ ;D 

Recently I got ahold of Komi Look lenses at a very cheap price xD !! So I've decided to review it ^^ I guess this isnt one of the more popular / easily found brands locally in sg but when I saw the cute design and the natural colour ( since brown was easier to wear to work ;D compared to more vibrant colours like purple or gray ) I decided to purchase it 

iFairy Komi Look Sunflower Brown !

Here's the lens info :3 
Brand: Komi-Look

Water Content: 48%

Life : 1 Year

Diameter: 18.00 mm

Center Thickness: 0.0200mm

Lenses Hardness: Soft

I was always on the constant lookout for nice brown lenses with natural yet vibrant colour and pattern :) tried iFairy's eclipse brown last time, which have awesome enlarging effects (my eyes were humongously big with the lenses ^^" ) but the pattern wasnt so vibrant  

For Komi brown , I find the design pretty cute 。◕‿◕。 *happy* 

seem quite vibrant isnt it ? (*‿*✿)
this is how  it looks when worn

At bright IKEA eatery section 

At a shadowy indoor cafe 

And here's how it looks under different lighting :)

Review :

The flower design is really pretty although like most natural lenses, it doesnt really stand out when worn. Nevertheless , this design does appear a bit if you look close enough:3

This is my first time trying Komi Look lenses and to be honest I am totally happy with it ^^ The lenses are comfortable and if I managed to get access to Komi Look lenses at affordable prices again I'd definitely buy it ^^ 

Very good enlarging effects ;D 

The colour also isnt too sheer . It is quite opaque that the brown actually shows up :3 I feel that it is more suitable for natural look though

Will I buy it again ? 
Definitely Yes :) Actually love how comfortable it is and would really love to try out more of the different designs if  possible :D I somehow feel that the enlarging effect is not too big (not as big as ifairy or kimchi) and yet bigger than barbie and luxury :3 So its a nice middle ground for me :D

Have you tried Komi lenses before ? What do you think about these lenses ? 
Anyway , this is it for today :3 Thank you for reading and hope this helps ^^ 

❤ Cia

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