Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lens Review _ Geo's Angel Purple ♥

Hi , Today I'm going to review Geo's  Angel Purple lenses 
that I got for my Taiwan and Alice (Pandora Hearts) cosplay during AFA :3 

(photo here taken without flash , under room lighting)

Loving this Hello Kitty Case to death ~!!!!xD

Angel Colour's diameter is : 14,5 mm
As you can see, the enlarging effect is pretty big despite the diameter - which further shows that you dont really need a 17-18mm lenses for enlarging effects (its not exactly a good idea too to deprave more of your eyes from Oxygen :( by using ultra extra HUGE lenses ) 

(here are 2 photos of me wearing them, taken outdoor , under Natural lighting) 
Ironically , I found my iFairy lenses ( 16 mm ^^"") slightly more comfortable than this lens despite their smaller diameter ...

Not much enlargement here if you compare with iFairy . BUT THEN , they're still bigger than my own irises and gave a pretty decent enlarging effect !! :3 and  they're more NATURAL looking to wear out without eye make up compared to iFairy's , which tend to look weird without eye make up sometimes ^^

Love it~!! The colour is just nice :3 
If you're looking for something more dramatic though , go for Geo's animation lenses instead.  They're without degree , but their colour are very striking ( I dont really prefer them as they're too striking and unnatural , unless you're cosplaying sb like Orochimaru from Naruto hahahaha ^^ )

Will I buy it again ? 
Probably Yes for event use. Not for daily use . This isnt that comfortable for me for daily use . But then again our eyes are different , and some of my friends actually find Geo more comfortable than iFairy or Big Barbie from Beog Mulapt , so you may want to give it a try and see if its comfortable on you . :3

Thats all :3
Hope it helps ^^



  1. That is a super cute case! And the lenses look really cute in your eyes. :)

    The Girly Gamer