Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow Review ~ ♥ 01.Brown ♥02.Pink Brown ♥

Hello Minna-san~~ 
As you might have known , I LOVE Dolly Wink and Candy Doll~ ♥ 
So today , I'm going to review Dolly Wink's Eye Shadow 01 and 02 . (=^-ω-^=)

So starting today , I'm going to review some of the Dolly Wink goodies that I have with me ;3 For those of you who are not familiar with Dolly Wink , They're a Japanese brand under Koji Honpo'scompany , endorsed and produced by Japanese Model-Singer-Gyaru Icon Tsubasa Masuwaka :3

No.01 ♥ Brown 

I personally use these when I want to go for a more natural, the girl next-door kind of look ,where a warm tone is better. Its perfect for Mori girl style and will be suitable for everyday gyaru make as well :D Although its precisely because of those I now rarely use the black /dark grey colour they provided on the palette ! 

The wand is one thing that I love about these too ;3 note the differently sized & shaped sponge heads they have :D I shall talk about them in my conclusion :D

Here's Koji's instructions on how to use these :3

No.02 ♥ Pink Brown 

Now , I actually reaaally realllly love this one !!! As you can see from the picture above, it looks like it has gone through some rough handling hahaha ! ^^"" sorry sorry.. I apologize. 

The palette is pretty messy because I used this one so often nowadays :D  Initially I somewhat wish that the pink is matte instead of shimmery :( I loved matte colours and shimmery colours are not really to my liking. But after using it for a while , I actually loves it ~ ♥ 

The pink colour seems to not be visible at all when I first used it , but after a while , I realized that it makes quite a lot of difference when I went out without my fringe one day .. tee hee.... ! :3 It brightens your eyes, gives it a more rounded appearance (similar to no.01 but this one had a more 'youthful", "vibrant" feel to it :3 ) Perfect for either working or non-working days ;D especially when you want a lift-me-up feel to it. If you prefer Natural look, go for 01 though :3

Here's Koji's instructions on how to use these :3
I actually used this palette for my Joshi Kousei Photoshoot *click here to read about it * 
But I guess its not pretty obvious in this picture ^^"" ... gomen..

Here they are, side by side for comparison :3

last but not least, 
 They also have No.03 But I've somehow never seen them around O.O""
But here they are anyway :3 

Overall , 
The Pros :
- I love the 4-colours combination
- They last even without primer :3 
- The eye shadow wand is convenient and very functional !! 
(there is a bigger,rounder end and another more pointy, sharper end that can be used to accurately darken the outer lower end of your eyes to create the illusion of bigger eyes !! :D  OR As the guide pictures as shown above, area "A+C") This means you dont need to bring your own brush out if you need to touch up !

The Cons :
- at $32.90 per palette, they're not cheap :( although the price isnt much more expensive than other brands of its caliber 
- This is a problem I have with MANY MANY eyeshadows Not only this one to be fair.So far , only a very selected few eyeshadows doesnt give me this problem : they flake and become very messy IN THE BOX ~_~"" so much so they sometimes drop onto my make up box/bag and stained it... (some people will say its natural I know :3 but there are some 1-2 palette of mine that doesnt flake even after multiple use ;3 but i guess its not much of a problem too) 

Thats it ;3 
Hope this helps ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ 



  1. i've got number 3! but i think you will suit the pink one best cause you're very sweet looking!

    1. Hahaha Thank You~~ If I'm sweet then you're Ultra Cute lollz xD
      Hoo~ I never saw the no 03 for some reasons .. every time I go to Watsons only hv 1-2 ^^" Aih~... hahaha.. But loving my no 02 lah ~

  2. i've purchased number 2! and your review really helped me to decide!! i wanted the more natural , sweeter and more youthful look ^^ thank you <3

    can't wait to get it^^

    1. Thank you ~~ >,< glad it helped ^^ :D Im loving 2 too ~~ xD

  3. Hi,
    what is the difference between the dolly wink eye shadow 01 and 02 is it only the pink color? are the rest of the other colors the same in the two eyeshadow quads (01 and 02) ??

  4. Heya , they;e different :3 The colour "cream" in eyeshadow Brown (01) is more creamy while the one in eyeshadow Pink Brown(02) leans more to golden colour. The Light Brown (C) in eyeshadow 02 also leans more to a Bronze shade while the one in 01 sticks more to brown when you compare it to 02 :) The colours in general are more shimmery for the Pink Brown set too :3 Other than that , the colour scheme is quite similar with subtle difference only :3 But if you like more shimmery colours, 02 palette will be better I think . Hope this helps :D