Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lens Review _ Kimchi Bambi Brown ♥


Today , I'm going to be reviewing Kimchi's Bambi Brown :3
I've worn this lenses out to the cinema to watch Warm Bodies this past weekend ~ so I figured might as well took some pictures of it ~ 

Here are the obligatory flash/no flash pictures lah :P  ^^ tee hee...

normal /indoor lighting (without flash) 

natural /outdoor lighting (without flash) 

Pretty Comfy for such big lenses ;3 - doesnt feel dry but I do place a few drops of eyedrops just to moisten my eyes and made sure its not too dried up to compromise Oxygen diffusion to the cornea
again , a warning to anyone out there : should you feel uncomfortable (feeling that there is something on your eyes , pain, etc , you should take off the lenses immediately! The lenses are NOT supposed to cause any pain :/

As you can see ;D it gives a pretty nice enlargement effect !! ^^ Happy with it !

Have to say Kimchi does live up to its adverts - it is very obvious even from a distance (as you can see from my first picture above) So this lenses are especially good for cosplay I have to say ;D

Will I buy it again ? 

 YES !!!  If I need to do a brown-eyed character with kira-kiraeyes again I would probably buy this one !!! 
And as usual ....
- Your daily dose of Randomness - 

I wore my self-decorated Platform sandals to the cinema ~~ Loving the Lace !!! xD
Socks are from .... (you guessed it!!) DAISO :P Nice and cheap tee hee ;D 


Tied my hair into a high side ponytail 
because I' was lazy to attempt any other styles LOL :P 

Some interesting snacks from Daiso
Strawberry Milk PopCorn - which although it absurdly taste weird at the first bite is actually pretty nice after you get used to it ~~~ ;P  and Consomme "Jagabee" - like snack ~~ ^^ 

Btw I bought those snacks because I was going to watch 'Warm Bodies' :3 
Its a pretty nice watch ;D Basically a Romance + Comedy + Zombie + Apocalypse story :3 
not so scary + VERY funny ! hahahaha ^^ 

let the trailer and the preview do the storytelling for you : 


First 4 Minutes preview

Thats all :3
Hope you're entertained ! :P

~Tee Hee~



  1. The lenses look really pretty ^^ and so are you!

    With love,

    1. Arigato~~ <3 Its the lenses lah ^^ My eyes very small without the lenses ^^

  2. I really like those lenses! The color is super cute!

    And I loved Warm Bodies. I was laughing so much throughout that movie. R was the most adorable zombie I've ever seen. :)

    The Girly Gamer

    1. IKR~!! R was sooo cute I was swooning the entire time xD ~!!!! Glad that we liked the same movie ^^ !!

  3. KYA~~~~ I love your new header!!!


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Rei ~~ x3 ~~ I did it on my own ^^" , so it was still messy here and there , and blurred... I hope I can improve in the near future ~~