Monday, February 18, 2013

Joshi Kousei ❤女子高生❤ Photoshoot


You may have seen the pictures on my page (which is easiest for me to update hehee ^^ thus most of my stuff will pop up there first ^^" ) 

Anyway , last week, I  have a Kawaii Gyaru themed ❤女子高生❤ Photoshoot with Emiko-chan and Shizu-chan  . ❤ 女子高生 is read : Joshi kousei (if I'm not wrong :P ) and it just mean high school girls ^^ .

Without further adue , 

this is the classroom :

*photogs busy setting up camera*

*Wrote our names on the chalk blackboard xD !!!*
so hard to find these blackboards here nowadays >,<

While Shizu-chan and Emiko-chan are busy prepping their make up and stuff, I was fooling around , as you can see below :P


Louisa bullying me >,<;; ^^" hehee..

Then , there is also Yu Bin pretending to be the teacher (Sabo-ed xD )

When it ends, it was already 5pm+ ;;;>,<';;
so , we decided to camho hahaha ^^"

Kawaii Shizu-chan and Emiko-chan~~

with one of the photogs : 

Kelvin :D 

 Eush :D

Yu Bin ! :D

Group ~Picture  xD

aaaand ~~ here are some of the photos :D 

You can view more at my page album

Lastly, i'd like to thank everyone involved to make this shoot a success xD 
Thanks to Shizu-chan for joining us and voluntarily helping  us secure a better photoshoot location xD . To Emiko-chan for helping organize with the photogs . To the Photogs involved : Kelvin (who brought the huge heavy flash thingie along ^^""" ) , Yu Bin , Eush , Mervin and Ivan (who I pulled along) :D  Doumo Arigato ~ ^^ 

先日は、有り難うございました~~~~~!!! xD

Took a picture here again ^^ Just to commemorate ^^

and, as usual , let us end with a little bit of randomness :P 


Ciaossu~!! xD ! 



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