Monday, February 11, 2013

Vocaloid Gumi - マトリョシカ !! < Matryoshka !! > Photoshoot ! :D

Hello Everyone ~!!! 
Here's a picture so you have an idea what I did while I am not studying or on the net hahahaha xD 

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Nope, my 'twin' didnt come back from abroad 
(i didnt have any to begin with hahahaha ^^")
*lame attempt at a joke* 

 I  have been terribly busy these few weeks  TnT
But I squeezed some time to do the stuff I love : cosplay~!! xD

So, last saturday , I managed to squeeze one morning to have a Gumi Photoshoot !! :D 

Thanks to Curione, who agreed to be my Miku Partner for the photoshoot 
despite the very last minute request I posted >,<

The character I did is Gumi (left one , Red hoodie, green hair ^^) Curione did Miku (right ;D teal hair, green jacket) . Matryoshka <マトリョシカ> is a popular Vocaloid song which actually confuse me the first time i heard it ^^" but after a few times of hearing it, despite stuill being confused, I grow to love it ! xD

So, without further ado : 
more piccies - less words ^^" !!!

Before Photoshoot : 
* once upon a time one morning, in a far far away castle my messy room *

On the way - I love this Matryoshka hoodie so much 
I actually treat it as my regular hoodie and wore it to school ! muahahaha xD

Here are some photos :3 
(not posting all as usual, to make loading post easier :3)

Curione's headphone actually broke halfway through the shoot TnT 
we tried to fix it and used plastic string in the end TnT 

however, due to the incident 
we got this hilarious  picture below !! Hahahahaha xD

We also saw a funny tree amongst this bunch 


and we just cant help it ^^"
anyway , 

Thats it !! 

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If you have any comments or (constructive >:( !! ) feedback :D feel free to leave it here or in my fb page ^^ I'd love to hear from you  since I am still learning myself ! :3 

From this PS I have learned to be 
1. more confident in posing  ^^
2. Be more daring in my cosplay make up 

In a way, because Matryoshka shoot is kinda "free style" I have the freedom to interpret it in a free-er way :3 As long as it remains psychedelic-ish , and I had great fun during the PS !! Thanks to Photographer CS <aka Ivan> who helped with the shoot despite the heat !! :D 

Matta nee ~~ ;D


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  1. lol. your blog is my enemy when it comes to diet.

    first time, blackballs.. now u're here tempting me about pasta!

    1. Lolllz , but they're really quite nice ma~~ xD hahahaha ~!! * trying to tempt even more*