Friday, February 15, 2013

Dakara Usagi Bag & Dinner at Ju Shin Jung ! ♥ (。・ω・。) ♥

Heya Minna-san~~! 

Cant wear contact lenses for the day since I accidentally poked my eye with mascara wand moments before I wanted to wear the lenses, TnT so I decided I'd rather let the cornea rest and recover for the night ... TnT;;;;

Yesterday , I went out for dinner at a Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant - Ju Shin Jung -
which turns out pretty nice ~!!! 

My coordinate for the day is randomly Hello-Kitty inspired ^^""

- Hello Kitty Crop Top 
- Infanta Lolita Skirt 
- Usagi <Rabbit> Bag by Morn Creations from Dakara Spree :3

If you remember , I won this Usagi bag from Tsuriki-chan's blog giveaway by Dakara Spree :D 
The Bag is Suuuuper Cute !!! 
Love it !!

It goes along pretty well with the Kitsune-Tail I got from Japan xD !!
Although since Rabbits have round tails, Maybe I should have bought a round furball instead ^^"""

It even came with cute little carrots zipper-holder xD!!!

I actually got it for sometime already hahahaha... ^^""" 
But I just really dont have the time to do a decent post about it OTL.... until now.. finally...

Brought it out to study too ^^ 
A bit sad that it can barely fit a thin A4 file, but at least the inside has compartments are the bag is uuuber cute xD and cant fit most of my school notes xD

anyway, if you're interested to purchase this, you can visit 


Now, about Ju Shin Jung :

Ee-chan has been fretting about how nice it seems to be , 
how good the reviews are ... and My Initial Reaction is exactly as shown in the picture below :


I dont know why I look so *meh* in the picture hahahaha xD because the restaurant is pretty spacy and it actually gave me a good impression the moment i step into the place

I kope the picture below from their website too :P
Because I was so excited I didnt take much picture ^^"""

But basically , 
Service is ❤ ♡ = very good !! :D 
Despite the crowd, service was FAST !!! We were immediately given the dishes and drinks not long after we ordered !!! OwO !! The servers are very polite and efficient as well !!

Ambience ❤ 
Ambience is  pretty good - spacious but a bit noisy since its a family restaurant kind of place ;D but definitely worth the occasional visit ;D

These mini towels came in TABLET form !!! 
POUR some water into the bowl and it expands to this !! xD
QAQ I'm still regrettuing not taking the tablet-form picture because I didnt know what it was until Ee-chan poured water over it !! TnT 

The dishes costs about $20-$50 each. We ordered 
1 portion of sliced pork belly $22 for 200 grams 
1 portion of Gyutan $35 for 200 grams 

sounds a bit ex.... 

BUT !!!!

I didnt know that we're  entitled to FREE FLOW of side dishes ..
which are like :

Nah , give you one more angle of the same picture wahahaha xD 

Gyutan ! :3
A bit grossed out at first , but it actually taste pretty nice OwO!!!

By That time , I'm not *meh* anymore muahahaha xD ^^""""

Food  ❤ 
The food is pretty nice :D , The meat is tender and juicy . Worth it overall ^^ 

AND !! 
AND !!
 I love this pancake thing they served as a side dish so much I actually ordered 3 plates I think OTL........

BUT... BUT .. Its sooo nice !!!

BUT.... its all sweet and sugary
and not to mention its taste so nice even when i dipped it into their chilly sauce...
ITs a PANCAKE the waitress said... but it taste so nice with CHILLY sauce I actually ate 3-4 plates !!! !!!!!

Aaand.... to end this post ....
I shall instill some element of randomness ;P

So... I actually tied my ponytail that high that day ... 
given my hair is pretty long (reaching my butt now OTL...), its pretty heavy 

SO this is the POST-HIGH-PONYTAIL-pouffy-hair-look muahahahaha!!!

BYEEE~~~~ :P !!!!


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