Saturday, January 31, 2015

❤ Promotion ❤ ALMOST free Majolica's Puff de Cheek !

HELLO !!!! I'm gonna keep this short and sweet k basically ....

(still got time to insert a shameless camho hahahahaha)

Want an 'Almost Free' Majolica Majorca Blusher ? 

Run to Kinokuniya !!!! 

I chanced upon this 'freebie' which comes with the two magazines, Women's Weekly and CLEO's when I was browsing through my facebook timeline , and rushed to Kinokuniya as soon as I finished my first exam to get THESE !!!
I am actually not that crazy about benefit (sorry benefit's fans ^^"") - since I've never really used them but since its almost free anyway, good chance to try them out right ? BUT MAJOLICA is another story altogether for me QAQ !! I was like "I have to go Kino" when I saw the ad !

At first I was worried the Puff de Cheek may be sample size but 

(internal cheering - YAAAAAAYYY) 

I mean, I've ALWAYS wanted to try Majolica's Puff de Cheek but poor intern be a poor intern QnQ;; so I was pretty excited when I got mine at $7++ OAO (the magazines' cost) After buying the magazine and getting my free puff de cheek, I actually sheepishly went to Watson to remind myself how ex these were usually and smirked in my heart while congratulating myself ( on a clear descend to be a total CHEAPO aunty surely *SIIIIGHHH* ) 

two of the benefit freebie from women's weekly are sample size... :'x

athough the one pot of eyeshadow is actually full size I THINK ;D
because I've never gotten benefit , once again ^^"

Anyway, sorry for the bad quality of photo lately kinda took them with my phone and rushed to post them up ^^  Just wanna share with fella majolica lover  who may find this an excellent chance to try puff de cheek at cheaper price ;D (altho sadly cant choose the colour la hahaha - in fact I think they only hv 1 colour T__T) so yea... 

That's about it ;D 
Hope this has been useful for you girls ~  
PS : just in the slightest most bizarre occurrence where you think this is an advert and there's a catch to it - NO. =_= not in any way advert or whatsoever k ... just wanna share cause Im just really excited about FREE stuff me being a cheapo HAHAHAHA so yea ;D 

❤ Cia

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