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The Last : NARUTO The Movie ❤ Media Screening

Hello Everyone !!! 
How have you guys /girls been doing ? 
I've just been released from exam (#hell) and am now free (for a while) before my upcoming exam in a few weeks time (#sadlife) ^^"

What has been happening is , one week ago, Shizu-chan ( ) and I got a chance to go to a media screening for a certain movie , and it was RIGHT AFTER our exam - like seriously the DAY AFTER my exam!!! So , a few days ago, thanks to CutePop, Shizu and I get the chance to attend the Media Screening for Naruto The Last !!!!!!

You can watch the Trailer here if you havent  :D

I have to mention it again !!! It was ONE DAY AFTER MY EXAM ENDED !! So I was pretty excited hahaha ! ( got to watch a movie right after exam wohooo!!! )

 If you guys are Naruto fans, You guys would have known that this movie is going to be screened soon in SG :D Fans have been waiting for it to come over here for quite a long time and I was pretty curious about how it will turn out as well since Naruto's manga itself had just ended - am wondering if this will do it justice :D since I ship #NaruHina (hehehe) 

If you ship #Naruhina too, I'll tell you that this movie has plenty of rabu-rabu (romantic lovey dovey) scenes which actually send  this old aunty giggling on my seats ^^"""" because they're pretty cheesy. But oh well Naruto is a shounen series after all :3 so a little bit of cheesiness when it comes to romance is expected I guess ? But all in all, I shouldnt spoil anything and just saw that 

The Last: Naruto the Movie is coming to Singapore in March!

The details for the Screening for public is as follow :D !!

The Last: Naruto the Movie  

Date: Thursday 12 March 2015
Location: All Cathay Cineplexes*

*All updated and booking information will be officially announced at the following site:
( It will be  updated again once advance booking sales are open)

and guess what ? 

There are also Premiums GIFTS to be given away with EVERY purchase of 
The Last: Naruto the Movie tickets  !!!

Week 1: The Last: Naruto the Movie Plastic Fan#
(12 March - 18 March)

Week 2: The Last: Naruto the Movie Plastic Folder(A4)#
(19 March - 25 April)

Week 3: The Last: Naruto the Movie Paper Bag#
(26 March - 01 April)

Week 4: The Last: Naruto the Movie (A2) Movie Poster#
(02 Oct - 29 Oct)


I just realized that you get only one type of gift for 1 week after I went home from the movie to write this post so I've decided to show you how they look like so you can choose which week to go too ^^ (unless you wanna "catch 'em all" :P ) 

Soooo here's the Naruto Paper Bag 

the material's quite nice so if you like to collect Naruto paraphernalia, this is great ;D 

and the Plastic Folder :3 

here's the fan 
front and back

and the poster is actually an A2 poster of this picture below ;D 

So yea thats it !! 
Hope this is useful and Ciao  ~

Also, I actually have two sets of all of the gifts ( Poster + Bag + Fan + File ) so if you happen to want any of them  do follow the instructions on my facebook page and I'll mail the whole item to you (PS : I may have to fold the bag into half tho :'( else it wont fit into the box - will keep the poster rolled :) so no worries, unless singpost decided to crush the poster T_T ) 

PS : on another hand I actually really feel like ranting - disappointed since ( I think? ) none of Naruhina's kids inherited the BYAKUGAN !! I am waiting for a cute mini hinata with byakugan T____T and seems like neither Bolt nor Himawari had their mom's eyes... .. but I guess, thats the mangaka's decision so oh well... nothing much to do... 

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