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Haul & Review ❤ SANA Morning Kiss in Review

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this week Im going to write about ( ̄〜)

SANA Morning Kiss Skincare Makeup Base SPF30+++

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A while ago , BHG was having a storewide 30% sale   -(๑☆A ☆#)ᕗ so I rushed in like an aunty and bought my usual Hada Labo cleanser and some various other things that I'd wanted to try . One of them is this ! :) 

Some old poster from SANA's SG blog which summarised what this is ^^ 

SANA marketed this product as : 

" an excellent skincare which also acts as a makeup base with SPF30+++!
It is light, floral scented, has a pretty pink tint, heals & covers flaws ... Most importantly!! It has got Vitamin B12!!
It is so easy to apply that it only takes 10 Seconds to apply(:

* Easy to apply
* 10 Seconds application
* Vitamin B12 ( Treatment Effect)
* Coffee Extract (Moisturizing)
* Tomato Extract (Mositurizing)
* Artichoke Leaf Extract (Firming) "

Basically I'm curious if this so called moisturising make up base :

❤ Can save me the time I'd spent waiting for my moisturiser to sink in before applying  base ?
❤ Moisturises well ?
❤ Work well as a make up base ?
❤ Does the "pretty pink tint" helps brighten / "cover flaws" as marketed ? 

And so after walking around the store for a while ... (ノ^∇^) --> about 30 minutes of thinking  I decided to buy it ^^" After the 30% discount I got this at about $20 

The Back view 

Im also a sucker for cute things  (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩___-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) , and the packaging is super cute for this one ( one of the sad contributing factor to my decision to get this     ლ(-- ლ)) One good thing about the packaging and bottle though , is the pump ! I feel that the pump is :

 much more hygienic than pouring moisturiser out of a bottle 
❤ enable you to control how much you want to pump out ( pouring, I sts pour out too much )

So yea, Cute Packaging is one thing I like hehehe ^^"

The cream itself is tinted pinkish ◕‿◕which is pretty . It wasnt thick so its easy to spread around the face and provide a good base for make up . It is also very moisturising ^^ So indeed I saved some time since it double as both make up base and moisturiser. Sadly , the pink tint has no use unlike what the company claimed  - it provides no cover whatsoever. In the end you still have to do concealing etc ^^ 

With regards to long term effect , I've read online that some people with oily skin type have acne after using this for a few days. For me, I'm a combination skin type and I've been using this for about 2 weeks without any ill effect or breakouts - so far so good - I think its good to give it a try if you're not an oily skin type :) 

 ❤ In Summary 

Positive Points   : 
❤ Pretty Pink Tint 
❤ Super Moisturising  (so yea, you can skip your moisturiser after the toner ^^)
❤ Semi matte finish :3 not too shiny/oily looking :3 
❤ Decent as a make up base
❤ Thin cream - so its easy to spread around the skin (‐^▽^‐)

Negative Points 
♠ Provide almost no cover at all , so the pink tint is just pretty but have not much effect
♠ very moisturising, so may have to wait a while (not long though) for the moisture to sink before applying make up
♠ expensive without discount ●︿

Will I buy it again ? 
Only if there's discount ^^ 

So here you are :D
Hope you find this useful ;D

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