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TOHO 東方Project Cosplay Shoot - Yuyuko Saigyouji 西行寺 幽々子

Heya 。◕‿◕。
today I'll be writing about my Yuyuko Shoot :3  which was like freaking long ago hahahaha ^^ ""Anyway , before I go there, during the recent new year I saw many people making a compilation of their shoot throughout the year , so I decided to jump into the fray and make one as well since I had more free time during the holiday :3 And it turned out like this - your normal photo collage - I did this in a rush and - to begin with - had no idea how to design a pretty collage anyway hahahaha xD ( talentless at scrapbooking) 

It kinda surprised me that I actually did 10 shoots in total with 12 costumes ( 2 of the costumes, meido kuroneko and default izuna isnt in the compilation) . I didnt realize that I actually did quite a few - an average of roughly one per month !! Hope next year will be the same or not as bad Q___Q ... Anyway, I started school on 28th December and had a semi-huge exam on 9th January ( Sadlife) and now , Im mugging like crazy again for my FINAL YEAR exam in 1.5 weeks time approximately =___= needless to say, Im dying slowly and am deathly afraid... At times like this , I really really REALLY wanted to just sieve through the PILES of shoot pictures I have and single out the decent ones . ( Its when I need to study MOST that my brain start to think that cleaning the house, cooking , or ANYTHING unrelated to studying is EXTREMELY interesting  ) 
Sadly, I do admit that I have to study :'( 
So yea, I'll continue to try to blog weekly as my new year promise indicated ... bit by bit ... but I dont think I can churn out much pictures hahaha xD its final years after all.. T__T (wishing I'm one of those smart people who somehow managed to chill quite a bit even before exam) 

Anyway, pardon my digression. Lets continue with the topic of this post 

Yuyuko's shoot !
Yuyuko is one of the character from a popular shooter game TOHO Project  ( or some people would like to spell Touhou / Touho ) :3 Its  basically a shooter game thats 
Developed by a single artist : JUN  
Illustrated by a single artist : JUN 
with Music Composed by a single artist : JUN 
and to top it off, if you're not used to it , toho is NOT easy to play ٩(●~▿~●)۶
(such an awesome japanese polymath (◐ω◑ ) )  
and here below is Yuyuko's original character Illustration by JUN 
The thing about Toho is, the character and story is more or less much more open to interpretation ;3 and the design is actually very pretty :3 As you can see, some fanart turn out to be really beautiful 

Sourced from
Credit to the awesome artist :) 

To make things simple for non-TOHO fans , background wise, Yuyuko is the ruler of Hakugyokurou , the Netherland for Toho Universe. Kinda like Hades in Greek mythology or Hel in Norse mythology in soooome way if that makes it easier to understand ^^ Her hobby is eating (almost anything that tastes nice) and sleeping /lazing around ^^ 

Source :

She has on close servant + gardener that is Konpaku Youmu :3 

Source :

and so
now you know the purpose behind me truckloading so much food onto the shoot table set 

Actually got the cake at 1.5 from Cold Storage 


and added the strawberries ourselves. 
They were on DISCOUNT !!!!! LOLOLOLLL Korean strawberries are the best ! (The USA ones seem too sour for my taste and I have not tasted Japanese ones T__T *digression auntie * ) ^^ The cupcakes and pastries were from a bakery opposite my HDB  block LOL. For Yuyuko's shoot, we did both indoor and outdoor shoot, so for indoor shoot we focused mainly on her 'foodie' aspect :) - the best thing about indoor shoot is AIRCON !!

In addition, because the shoot was indoor, we can start in the morning, have lunch and THEN venture out to shoot. I remembered that day , I had Indomie for lunch because .... err.. we're rushing before my face melted basically ^^ hehehe...

Post is turning into an indirect advert to indomie due to digression

The bad thing about an indoor shoot when you dont have a proper flash /studio is the lighting is freaking shitty.... Ee-chan (my photog) and I wish for that one day we can buy a proper flash , background etc and set up a small studio for indoor shoot T__T... 

Outdoor shoot at the right timing of the day meanwhile can give you awesome lighting ^6 However, I do worry more about outdoor shoot because, the moment you stepped out to do a shoot, you have to worry about so many things from forgetting a prop , broken prop , etc to melting make up - which is a potential disaster at times ^^" I have to bring the usual arsenal of emergency kit (safety pins , hair pins , emergency sewing kit etc etc etc ) before I feel safe . 

At one point of time , I was sitting on grass for a pose and were quite worried about ants and insects T___T In the end we managed to take the shot but I was deathly worried about the insects during the pose itself....

Changed the colour scheme of most outdoor shots since I want to try to replicate the 'netherworld' feel (hahaha hopefully 2 years down the road I wont return and feel this is damn embarassing and fail ^^)  

That's all for my Yuyuko shoot :3 still have some that I've yet to see .. Going to slowly sift through whenever Im free hahaha 

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