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Senbonzakura [ 千本桜 ] Vocaloid Photoshoot - Megurine Luka 巡音ルカ

It seems like it took me years to write about me ^^ hahaha 
Basically, this is a shot of a vocaloid character , Megurine Luka [ 巡音ルカ ].
Now, Vocaloid isnt an anime or a mange - neither is it a game. Its actually a voice synthesizer programme :D !! 

Previously, I've shot Miku [Hatsune Miku 初音ミク ] from the same series : Senbonzakura 
千本桜 as you can read from my previous post *here*

If you're interested in the song, here it is :

by Vocaloid 
( the voice synthesizer / software version ;3 )

Cover by Wagakki ;D 
(kinda like *human version* of the song ^^ I like this version a lot too !!)

 I've decided to do a shoot for Luka from the same series because I just love the song (lyrings, arrangement and concept) and I love the characters' costume design as well ^^ ( as it is with most traditional-ish japanese costume hehehe ) 

So , here's the character concept for Luka in Senbonzakura :)

( the inner piece is so reminiscent of sakura wars time (´∇ノ`*)ノ )~~

I rushed to Japanese Garden for the shoot on the few hours of free window I have but guess what ? It RAINED !!! =____= It RAINED and in the end we waited for the rain to subside for a while and when we saw that our time was running out and the rain didnt seem to mellow any further, we decided to shoot. Right in the rain, so if you see, in some of the pictures , my costume fabric is riddled with raindrops T___T

千本桜 夜ニ紛レ 
此処は宴 鋼の檻 

made the dango from random stuff. It was a 5 minutes thing ... ^^" 

The Luka paper head is the hardest one to make T_T took us almost 30 minutes to cut all parts neatly and glue it to that form T_T, sake bottle from daiso hahahaha xD I was not hapy with the eye make this time around :( am hoping for a more mellow look (but at the same time I want to give off the 'onee-sama' feel that I think Luka exudes too ) Kinda feel that I could have experimented with diff eyemakeup and eyelashes to see how it would suit her better T___T but all's done is done ...hurhur...

All in all it was a fun but half-disastrous shoot ^^ because of the short period of time within which we 'chiong' (rush) through everything and the rain + the fluctuating sunlight on that day T___T  I went to AFA with this costume and realised that the make up turned out quite dark so for the shoot and there was some problem with the wig (decided to puff it up in the end ^^) So for the shoot I decided to spend considerably more time on make up  (which for afa I did in like... under 20-30 minutes ? ) and do some brightening with my new  brigtening mousse and much more concealing :3 

三千世界 常世之闇(とこよのやみ) 
青藍(せいらん)の空 遥か彼方 

Basically thats my experience during this shoot ^^ am in the midst of exams now T___T hope this ends soon ( and ends well ) so I can do some reviews if possible :3

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