Monday, February 10, 2014

Lens Review ♡ i.Fairy Cara Green ( ・ω・`)//~~

So many things went on these few weeks from some shoots, to project deadlines, to appearing on Hello! Japan to me x'D!!! I really really have to find some time to blog all that's happening or else this blog will just die OTL....

In order to discipline myself from spouting excuses such as "too tired...too lazy" 
I finally decided to blog about one of the lenses series that I bought because I thought they have awesome designs !!!

Yeap ! 
Today I'm going to write a review about a pair of lenses I tried recently drg my Senbonzakura Miku shoot ! :3 *read here*

iFary Cara Green !
this series is also known as Vassen Lollipop Green for those who purchase from Vassen! :)

The reason I bought this pair is mainly because the design and colour looks very vibrant in the advert picture x'D !!!! When I saw it , I thought : "HEY! This will be an really awesome vibrant lens for cosplay !!"

And yep , when I opened the casings , I definitely still thought so !!

 Look at the lens design !!

The design's quite vibrant isnt it ? ;D
Now lets move on to the review of the lenses when worn !

This is how iFairy Cara Green looks like when worn :D !!!
Convenient that the canopy-place at the garden has clear demarcation of shadow vs non shadow area LOL xD!

Room /Shadowy Lighting 

Outdoor Lighting ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

With Flash !!!   ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

Review :

The design is really cute unique and cute even. Its not often that we see lenses like this being worn because they may seem unnatural. However, to be very honest, after I've worn them, I noticed that they're not exactly as unnatural as I thought they'd be. As you can see above , 
1. they are not 100% as vibrant as they are in the advert picture. The green colour doesnt scream out as much as compared to what I was expecting.
2. they are 'ok' in terms of vibrancy for cosplay lenses , although this is a plus point if you dont want to look too striking , sporting alien-like patterned eyes while going out in casual outfit but would love to have a unique pattern on your lenses ;3

Comfort wise, this is a comfortable pair of lenses ^^ despite its large size, I wore them for 6+ hours straight from beginning of shoot till end of shoot + outing and my eyes are quite comfortable :3 

Needless to say , satisfactory ;D Very nice enlarging effects !

Good if you're not looking for a bright and 'sreaming' kind of green colour, but sadly not good enough if you're expecting to have eyes with the same vibrant green colours as an anime characters' ://// Its needs to be a little bit brighter to give you the anime character eyes look. In my coses, it kinda work because in a distance it looks more like teal /bluish green rather than grass green, which suits my chara's teal green hair.

Will I buy it again ? 
Hmm, maybe yes, maybe no? I have the cara red which I will review soon I guess. But now that I've known how cara green is, I'm not really convinced that cara red will be much more vibrant. For green lenses, I still like Barbie's Puffy Three Tones, which look very natural although the enlarging effect is not as extensive as ifairy lenses' . Im guessing that Jewel green series from iFairy may be a better choice for green lenses so oh well ~ lets try that next time ~ ;D

So, that's all for today's review :3
Hope that has been useful ^^ 
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