Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tonkotsu Kazan (Volcano loh!) Ramen Review @ Novena Square 2

Hello~! :D

sorry hor , no make up today. I'm working !!! hahahaha xD

In my conquer to try as many as nice ramen as I can in SG , I'e stumbled upon Tonkotsu Kazan located at Novena Square 2 ! :3 this is because I was sent near Novena Square two for part 2 of my internships hohohooo....

Le Interior :D

 Ceiling is full of Vintage Japanese Posters :D

Le Menu~
you can save the image and zoom in for clearer picture and prices ^^ 

They have this special Kazan Ramen which piqued my interest :3
So I decided to order that !

varieties of sauce on the tables :P as usual , Ee-chan is ecstatic when ee-chan saw these. Ee-chan loves sauces OTL...

waiting for the dishes to arrive ^^ 

This is Ee-chan's Ramen :3 Negi Nitamago Karamiso~ !! :D

The Soup is clear and flavorfull :D !!!

 The noodle tastes a little bit... like local egg noodle :/ somehow I wish it have more 'body' to it . A little bit too soft and light for me. 

The nitamago ~ ;D nice !
Look at the nicely cooked but soft white with the slightly cooked but still runny yolk xD!!!

and this is the special Curry Kazan Ramen !!! :D

look at the smoke ~!!!! 

the waitress came over to pur boiling curry soup to the hotpot !!! *A*!!!

and it was bubbling !!! bubbling right before me~ *excited~* *drama* xD


Have to ask for extra bowl because its too hot !!!!! *A*

The soup is a very nice cury based soup :D ! Very rich and flavorful !xD Loves it !!

The noodle , in contrast to Ee-chan's Ramen earlier, is thicker and more dense full-bodied ! It has more bite to it.  :D I prefer this type of noodle than  Ee-chan's. However, that being said, I still feel that in terms of noodle , there are other better ramen shops :((((

The Chashu is nice but a little bit too tough. Again, nothing beats side-ordered Marutama CHashu *floats* 

A bowl of rice is also included with every set of Kazan ramen ordered :)

So you can eat curry rice after you finish the noodle hehehe ^^ 
This is a plus if you have huge appetite like me :D


Will I go back to Kazan Ramen again ?
If I pass by the area, yes. But this is not a place I'll purposely  go to because there are indeed other ramen stores with nicer noodle (to each his own though. I just happened to not really love the noodle here :(( ) However, the soup and content of the ramen dish is really good ^^ and the Kazan concept is actually quite cool :) so maybe , ooonce in a while maaaaaybe I'll make a trip here just for the kazan ^^ esp if Im craving for curry ramen :) 

that's all for today~ ciao~ ;D

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen 
10 Sinaran Drive #02-68/69 Square 2, 
Singapore 307506 
(Novena MRT)
Tel: +65 6397 6636


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  1. Try the branch at Liang Court; I felt that the chashu was better there! The Novena one was overcooked and hard for me =\