Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Facebook Account + Giveaway !! :D

Heya there !!! 
This will be an ultra short shoutout k xD hehee
I recently changed my facebook page cover to that of my more recent shoot :3 
SBZ (Senbonzakura) Miku !! It took quite a while, so just wanna announce that :3 

Anyway, I apologize for the slow frequency of my posts lately ^^
Have been getting tremendously busy nowadays hurhur T3T
I update my page more often though O3O for the simple reasons that I cant keep uploading more menial stuff like "GG to xxx today!!" in blogger ^^ tee heee...

So naturally, I update my fb more often :3

So if you're interested, 
feel free to like the account at :

I'll be really thankful for your support!! :3

and also!!
I have a (Mini)  *GIVEAWAY* going on ! :D
Sorry its nothing too extravagant as this is what I managed to gather >,< 
Hope its enough.... Student Budget OTL ... But yes ! A Mini Giveaway ! 

Just follow a few simple steps :
Go to this link *here*
2. Share this Post on your facebook timeline
( remember to set to public  so its visible to me)
3. Comment on the post : "Liked & Shared "

I'll randomly choose a winner on 28th February  That's about 3 weeks ^^ So Gambatte !!!

PS : open to Sg residence only >,, Gomen O.O If you're Jakartans, unless you're willing to wait until June-July ^^"

Any, I have a HUGE deadline tomorrow and I havent finished my work yet TxT ... so...
This is kinda  all for today!! Ciao! :D

*rushes off*


If you decide to drop by Vellus Hair Studio to pamper your hair , remember to claim your Free Bottle of Essential Oils k ;D 

if you're looking for some apparels, 
feel free to take a look at www.dipandroll.blogspot.sg 

You get 20% OFF and a $2 voucher if you quote Terumii~ :3

They also have a Retail Rack at Far east plaza, Blogshop empire #01-102  


  Follow me~ (。・ω・。)- テルテルミ  
Instagram : @teru_terumi

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