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Hello JAPAN! x StarHub TV Show - Harajuku !!

Hello people ~ :D
on the 9th of Feb, Pika Pika Meido Cafe and CutePop was invited to a Live Japanese TV-Show Hello Japan!'s collaboration with StarHub Singapore !! 

"Co-produced with Amazon Laterna, this LIVE show will bring you on an adventure, featuring Tokyo's most popular spots such as Harajuku, Akihabara and Asakusa!

Studios based in b
oth Singapore and Tokyo will be working together in this programme! In addition, Danny Choo, Japan's Cultural Ambassador, will be making a guest appearance!"

Pika Pika Meido Cafe (link *here*) and Cute Pop (link *here*)
was invited for their first week of show, 
9th Feb 4 pm @ Channe; 149
with their theme for that week being 

The show also featured : 

Excited ? :3 

Of course, when you start talking about Akihabara, it will bring you to :
Anime, Manga, Electronics, and Maid Cafe!! ;D !!!
Today, I'll be writing about our experience in the studio!! :D Ringo , Amane and I went to the studio at about 1pm and started preparing, and it was pretty intense OxO!!
Everything , everytime, was rushed OTL...

Initially we decided to wear the yukata Pika Pika costume !
Look at my pretty kouhai's picture below~~ >3< *squeal*

However, in the end, on the NIGHT before the shoot day, 
I have to change plan to come in Kuroneko cos because the producer asked if I can don a cosplay costume instead and because my yukata maid cos will not look good with the bright white background since it has so many pastel and light colours on it :(((
  thus, here's my pretty much rushed Kuroneko ^^""

please forgive me if some parts are not very spot on OTL

Also , I was pretty worried because I havent rewatched enough of the anime T3T (i watched it quite long ago and cant rly remember much of the full plot but only how kuroneko usually acts OTL) But since I have to talk anyway in the show, I cant really portray Kuroneko in her original Tsun-mode ^^"" unless I want to come across as TSUN!!! 
so haiiI~~ at least the make up is allright ... I hope ... >,<

 flanked by 2 cute maids teehee xD!!!

My Kuroneko is the figurine version :3 as portrayed below :

From about 2-3 , we started rehearshing parts of the shoot to troubleshoot any possible mistakes :3 .From this experience, I learned that Live! show is terribly tiring for everyone in the set!!! There are possibilities of technical mistakes , timings for commercials (so you often have to cut short/ extend your responses or replies , connection problems (skype crashed , internet doesnt work as well , the sound isnt transmitted well from Japan to SG ) and everyone was really concentrating hard just to get through that 2 hours of live show !! 

While on the recording side of the set we looked quite composed ^^""""

On the other set, everyone's pretty much very very busy and are concentrating !!!
( kudos to the sporting gentleman who smiled for the cam despite the pressure lol xD)

On the recording set , we also have these little TVs in front of us, beside the camera so that we know roughly where to look and look at how we look :P (however .....there are ike 2-3 cameras there, and I was initially very confused about which camera to look at OTLOTLOTL)

Look at that sheepish smile on my face OTL...
QnQ I kinda wanted to cry when I see my sheepish smile... didnt even have time to correct my wig's position because ...
it was REALLY REALLY RUSHED TxT I just had time to go to the washroom after the rehearsal and when I wanted to top up my make up, I was told I have to go into the set already and so... there goes melting make up that had been applied for like hours before T_T And also , MY STOCKING TORE !!! it got TORN halfway!!!! =[]= Luckily I brought a spare that is not as translucent as Kuroneko's version (kuroneko's is thinner and less opaque T3T) , but obviously I cant go with torn stockings T3T so I have to wear the more opaque less accurate one instead :'''((((

After the shoot , managed to get some pictures of the studio, so the interior looked like this :)

My MESSY table ^^ teeheee

I also got to meet Reiko Yokoi-san again during the show!! Am very happy and excited about this!! xD!!!

Group Shot of course after the show xD!!

aaaand there's Ee-chan sneaking in although he's not supposed to be there one LOLOLLLL x"D!!! I was rattling off here and there panicking when he helped me safety pin parts of the apron at 1pm before the show and Bene-san and some of the Japanese ladies in the set are commenting "What a nice guy!!" in Japanese , thinking that we didnt undestand maybe ;D --> and Ee-chan, being proficient in Japanese immediately burst into this evil grin ^^""""" Anyway, I think most people who've watched anime will understand what "yasashii" means right ? ;D 
Bene-san the MC for the show and Reiko Yokoi-san!!

I feel really grateful for this opportunity (its my first time experiencing a live! show !!! x'D!!!) and Ive learned quite a lot from the show!! :D Thank you to Hello Japan ! for inviting Pika Pika Meido cafe (Ringo , Amane and me, Terumii) as well as CutePOP's Vincent-san for the show !!! Am really really happy to be able to experience this !! ^^

The show will be running for 3 consecutive sundays (9th, 16th and 23rd Feb 2013) featuring different parts of Japan and its culture ;D so be sure to tune in to Starhub channel 149 every sunday @4pm to catch it ! :D

Lastly , 
just want to announce that 
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Ciao !!


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