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CNY Shoot - Macross Frontier - Ranka Lee - Nyan Nyan Cafe version. ♥

Heya people ~ 
Recently , it was Chinese New Year (CNY) and I was thinking of doing some chinese-related shoot and so the one who came to my mind first is  Ranka-chan !! :D

Ranka Lee
 from Macross Frontier ;D
one of the best mecha series out there alongside the gundam series ;D 

Here's is Ranka !! :D

This however, is not Ranka's default outfit ! :3
She wore this only for a section in the anime series where she's promoting/making a commercial(CM) about a Chinese Restaurant called Nyan Nyan Cafe ;D (which exist in the anime :3)

The name :
Ranka Lee - Nyan Nyan Cafe version !! :3

To be honest, it was quite a hectic week for me . A terrible terrible hectic week ! >3< 
I ended up renting the wig just to be able to shoot on that one free slot I have on that CNY week >3< 

the camho/selca I did before the shoot ^^ teehee
It was a terribly hot day 
as you can see from the picture below --> the scorching sun caused all that brightness!!

And here are some of the successful shots !! :D

picture credit : Ee-chan

The dim sum inside the steamer are real XD 
My photog friend Xian Yang asked if he could eat it earlier on the shoot (wahahahaha) 
which of course he can ;D
BUT !!!
The dim sum and bao dropped halfway of the shoot xD so there goes...

The steamer - DAISO is a very cheap source ;D thanks to Natalie and XY for helping me with regards to this as I was actually not quite familiar as to where to find a bamboo steamer initially :3

To the photogs Ee-chan and XY, thanks so much for bracing the unforgiving heat (and my complaints ^^" tee hee... I have to admit that I complained quite a lot drg the shoot because the garden was PACKED FULL of people on that day and some of them are just ... impolite *loooooongsigh* luciky we managed to go through the day quite uneventfully ;D and managed to get some nice shots too ^^ )

picture credit : Haku Photography

My experience with this shoot was really fun LOL! 
It was good that XY was really friendly despite this being our first shoot together x'D !! 
Else, it could have been a really awkward and quiet shoot :P 
When you have a photog like this below : 

Kinda confirmed the shoot will be quite fun ;D 

Also, there's a group of Turkish tourists and one chinese gentleman who were very polite when they wanted a picture. The chinese gentleman actually asked nicely for a picture and told me that he wanted it for her daughter , who liked anime :3 

Since I'm talking about this, I just want to jot down some thoughts about what happened during this particular shoot :(( The turkish tourists  were looking at our group with interest since Im in cosplay. 
During the shoot I was rather upset when some people (especially this group of men)  purposely walked closer and closer to us and then circle aimlessly around us and even took picture without permittion when I'm obviously glaring =_="" I was pretty upset to the extent that I actually spoke out quite loudly so that they can hear me saying sth along the line of " It is really impolite to take pictures from that distance and walk closer to us!!!! " . 

These turkish group of tourists heard me and actually, although they were not the group that circled and walked pass us but rather, only expressed interest , they actually bothered to ask nicely for a picture after that. 

Meanwhile, the group of people who circled us continued doing circling us --> one person even followed us to the top of the pagoda and passed by us like 3-4 times =_="""  (we stayed in one spot =_="" its very suspicious when this man continues circling us =_="" ) . 

If they wanted a picture, shy or not shy, its IMPOLITE to take pictures when Im clearly glaring at them and showing that Im pissed off and doesnt want any pictures to be taken,  :( .
IF they ask nicely, Im pretty sure most cosplayers will even smile and pose for them ! Imagine going out there and seeing some people randomly taking pictures of you without permition ? :( Some people online argued with the old : " you dressed that way you deserved it" --> ah, so if you're wearing bikini at the beach and people start taking picture of you its ok I assume ? Or the tamer : " so if you're walking along orchard road with unusual but covered clothing its allright for people to take pictures of you?" 
NO. You have eyes, yes you can see, but there's a difference between a polite curious look and a lecherous ridiculing look =_="" 

Anyway, was nice to see some sakura branches deco in the garden that day ;D !!
Immediately ran to it to take pic lol !!!

picture credit : Haku Photography

End of shoot, I was feeling terribly dehydrated, tired, and of course hungry >3< 
so I didnt even bother to take off my buns and QiBao. 
I ended up eating at MOS Burger in that attire LOL!! xD hahaha

Overall, its a very fun shoot x'D
I learned to rush things with 
'ok' results even more I guess :P considering how rushed this shoot was given that I really dont have the luxury of time T3T But yep, I learned to emergency-DIY some props within a short period of time *evilsmirk* and I am actually quite happy because there are quite a few of good pics from the bunch that we managed to take :D 
*looking hopeful* 

Will be sieveing more of the pictures soon and hope I'll have time to sieve through considering my lappie is pretty damn slow when it comes to opening heavy picture files *sigh*


YEP! I just changed my FB Cover page to Senbonzakura's shoot because I really liked the shot !! Added in some sakura (because the background is kinda sadly sparse  T_T) and neon effects from PS (which took quite long because I initially didnt know how to add it at all and as you can see the loop line is drawn with mouse thus the wavering on the line hurhur... T3T ) .
I update my fb more often as I get busier nowadays because its the easiest and quickest to upload for me :3 
So if you want to see more updates, do feel free to add me/leave comments on the fb  ;D



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