Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Work @ Gaming Experience 3 (GE3) - being NPCs for once ;D


Recently , I had the opportunity to work with my Pika Pika friends at GE3 , https://www.facebook.com/GE3SG, a gaming event which is organized by the NeoTokyoProject :D !!! 

It was held at Downtown East D'Marquee and guess what ? 

We were each given exclamation marks headbands !! 

So we're functioning as real life Quest Givers, 
with exclamation marks hovering above our heads, 
just like NPCs Quest Givers !! xD 
Its quite unstable and required lots of pins to clamp it onto your hair >,<;;; but it looks legit in the dim light - as if they're really floating :D !! 

and these are made by ConjurerCJ apparently (should have worked the 2nd day so can cope the exclamation sign xD wahahaha jkjk ) 

We were given these stamps to stamp event goers' phamplets , :D

The outside of the brochure 

The inside of the brochure :D
You have the collect stamps on all the circles to get prizes and the way to do it is to get to different stations and fulfill the "missions" at each stations !! :D

Initially I was stationed at Begonia Terrace!
It was outdoor and I havent had lunch TxT so my gastric was getting worse while headache from the heat started (kudos to one of my friend Trina who somehow can stand outside throughout TxT) Luckily we rotated ... hurhurhur...

At Begonia Terrace - Pathfinder & Magic/Yu-Gi-Oh!!

I was stuck there for a while  and although I didnt play the game, the figures are really nice so I decided to take a few pictures x'D !!

After that , I was stationed at the "Kyojin Wall" 
where I am supposed to help people take picture with this "wall' below 
besides air-con another best thing about this station is......


And guess what happened after that ! x'D !!

THAT's Alodia !!!
I was jumping beside the stage excitedly , awkwardly motioning  if I can take a picture with her before her interview start and !!! and ..!!!! 

I dont care this is blur and I dont look so nice but
Alodia agreed to take  a selfie with me x'D !! 
She's very very very nice --> she actually walked towards me when I confusedly paced beside the stage !!

and later ... after Dion and I  queued and saw her the 2nd time, she event agreed to take more selfie with us *tearsofgratitude* She also passed us her 3 coscards and signed them !!!

(Thanks so so much for Midori Kame & Yuki who helped queue and took my shameless request to get a full set of her cards x'D !!! thanks Midoriiii ,Yukiiiii I!!!!) 

credit : Tanaka Soucihiro

 And as luck would have it , 
I managed to meet another person I've wanted to meet for SO SO LONG !!! 
KAIKA from The Cosplay Chronicles !!! x'D !!!
She's an inspiration :'D!!

Add caption
After that I cant help being hyper ! xD I was so so happy I get to meet friends , and take selfie with 2 of my cosplay idols !!! Thanks to my baby-faced boss also LOL for entertaining my fangirling towards Alodia ! xD!!!

Beside my Kyojin Wall Station , was a Light Saber station set up by this awesome team of Jedis xD !! The FightSaber !! 

They are a bunch of real fun people to hang out with LOL !!! x'D 
(see below lah hahahaha x'D - he took it with my phone, so I can post riiiiightt ??? x'D !!! LOL!!) 

Really enjoyed my time working there ;D also get to catch up a bit with the Pika Pika Girls ~ !!

with Yuki/ Trina~~

with my bubbly kouhai Dion/Nanami~ 

we were supposed to rush off work to go to BabyMetal Concert after that !
We even took taxi but ... 

we missed it.... 
Thus the sad face .... :'((( 

dressed down and pretty sad we missed the concert ... *sigh...*

After that we went to Eighteen Chefs to eat ... I mistook this place for somewhere else initially OTL.... then got confused in the end OTL...

My nice sausage cheese baked rice :3

In the end it was a fun fun fun experience :D ! 

Managed to catch a sight of the giant Doraemon at Scape :D


 and managed to meet so many friends xD!!! Although its tiring , its quite worth it x'D !! Had I been awake at 1-2am that day I'd have worked another day OTL :'D !! *Blames low self HP/MP" OTl.... I hope I can work tgt with the Pika Pika girls again soon >3<;;; Getting very very busy (and will be busier than ever) now .... 

Gotta go now hahaha *abrupt ending* 


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  1. Wow, this looks so amazing! I am so jealous!
    I really love those exclamation points over your heart! It's a cute idea!

    The Girly Gamer