Thursday, January 2, 2014

Senbonzakura [千本桜] Hatsune Miku x MEIKO Photoshoot

Hello again ~ 

I've learnt to chiong all my cosplans during vacations because when school x work period is too busy and you feel like you're growing old at accelerated rate THANKS to irregular sleep hours , irregular meal times and long hours pulled , stress etc you will have lots of cosplans (because if you dont do it now when you're young, when else) , with  little money left after you saved for coses , and very litle time to make the props , scout the photoshoot locations , do costests and and plan for photoshoots during school period :P

SO !!! 
When holiday started, 
I immediately jumped to shoot Konata from Lucky Star (read it *here* ) and Senbonzakura Miku :D !!! This below is the design for Senbonzakura Miku's costume 

A Senbonzakura Dollfie which I looked at too to ensure that my prep looks decent 

Senbonzakura is a VOCALOID software song. You can listen to it here  !! :D

Initially it was supposed to be a solo shoot but Amane-chan have a MEIKO senbonzakura ready because she's in Mirai-s team for Comic Fiesta (read her blog here :D )  and she wanted a pre-shoot in case she have enough time to get the pictures ready for another set of coscards, so we did the shoot !!!! 

On the day of the shoot  I woke up late TAT ;;; hurhur ... rushed the make and everything OTL... and forgot to pep my skin well on top of my skin not being in tres bien condition to begin with ---> flaking make up OTL..... 

Not to mention I walked to the wrong PLACE and ended up having to circle around about 300 metres OTL.... in cos...My shoes' geta parts was glued to my boots. Sadly , It seemed that the glue needed more time to dry ... I ended up walking like  a duck in the beginning HAHAHAHA xD (watch the vid :3 below xD) 

and the shoes ended up breaking anyw, so in the end , with 
(1) Flaking + Melting make up (due to the hot weather) 
(2) Broken shoes 
(3)Sweating all over (due to long walks) 

I thought to my self "Hell, I'll just use whatever I have to at least make this shoot fun now at least "

And we did !!! 

Thanks to Ee-chan and KL and Zwei~ for bearing the terrible heat ,tiring shoot , and one hyper oddball in miku costumes who was bouncing around from one place to another x'D !!! Thanks too to Amane chan who despite having to wait for me (late) and having walked around shooting, entertained this noisy miku ^^""""

Here's the first picture I uploaded xD !! HAHAHA 
Because I did a Kabuki-ish pose when I was high drg the shoot HAHAHA xD

Inspired by DOGE 
in case you dont know DOGE., here's DOGE (or google it )

We walked to different places and tied different poses with my melting face !! xD 
and in the end got quite a few decent pics :D 
Here are what I have for now , am still in the process of siphoning it xD LOLOLLL

At the end of the shoot , my sakura stick died on me .... because I didnt have time to go buy a stick and paint it dark brown , I used a straw with some brown insulkating tape I had lying around from my previous props and reinforced with chopsticks in the inside, but the thing is... the chopsick slid off the night before , so I gave up , and it gave way :(((( the thing about rushed shoot.. sigh.. 

Here's Kawaii KL , Zwei's cousin~ 
We took this photo and I promised to upload it , so here's my promise wahahahaha xD

Amane had to rush off ~ rushed a pic before we zao xD !!!

and when you leave me alone, this is what I do in the end LOLOLLLLL

After the shoot, I went to eat lunch/dinner with Ee-chan , 
feels much refreshed with FOOD + COLD DRINKS and now that there's AIRCON !! xD !!!!

Anyway , we managed to get quite a few of nice shots !! ( I find that maybe Taditional Japanese-ish  themed characters do suit me better after all TxT I had comparably disastrous results with blonde/light haired characters after all hahaha x'D) Since we managed to get quite a few good shots, I'm still in the process of sieveing the hundreds of photos taken and deciding which to upload :3 

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I'm more active there LOL

Meanwhile , Ciao~ 
I had tremendous fun shooting this and I hope I can finish my loads of props or my 2014 cosplans >,< aih ~~~ 

Wish me Luck :D

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