Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ajisen Ramen Review

Hello~ sorry for the absence ^^ hahaha .. 
I've been busy using the most of my short holiday recently and got lazy TAT;; anyway .. 
for fellow ramen lovers , there is this one widespread ramen store which you must have tried ...


"Ajisen Ramen was found at Kumamoto, Japan in 1968. Currently Ajisen Ramen already have 400 plus chain in worldwide. Ajisen Ramen targeted to open 1000 and above food chain worldwide. Ajisen Ramen is “World Ramen”, and the slogan of Ajisen is “ 安心 ,安全 , 健康“." - [http://www.ajisen.com.sg/index.php/about-ajisen]

I had tried it once some time back, and it wasnt exactly great for the price. However, seeing that it has been featured on some posts as one of the top 10 ramen in Singapore, 
I've decided to review it again :3

SO, I ordered

Cha Shu Ramen

Now, as for the taste test, 

The Soup
The soup .....
is sadly nothing to rave about... :'( 
it lacks the savory taste and richness that a good ramen soup usually offer. 
The soup is pretty thin with a taste that is pretty shallow if you're used to what other ramen shops (eg: Keisuke, Santouka, Sanji, etc) have to offer :''(((

The Noodle 
Its pretty decent , although seem a tad too soft/overcooked. Its of the consistency of hakata ramen but softer :3 However, having said that, the noodle is really nothing I'm particularly happy about either. 

The cha shu meat
The cha shu is actually pretty decent :3 !!! 
A little bit fatty although a bit on the tough side 

The toppings 
I find the combination of cabbage in this dish a tad weird :/ either that or it just doesnt agree with my palate. The ramen egg isnt a ramen egg either :/ its a fully boiled egg which is a tad overcooked at the whites especially :// 

Since I'm ordering a set menu, included are : 


which is good :3 
if I have anything to say at all, it just taste more like Chinese-styled gyoza than the usual Japanese fare 

and a glass of green tea 

nothing to complain about the drink :P

So this is my experience at Ajisen :3

Convenient locations, but lacking in taste despite the pricings :((

Service is prompt although the waiters and waitresses are somehow not exactly friendly if you want to compare them with those at other ramen shops ^^" 

Ciao ~~


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