Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lucky☆ Star らき☆すた Photoshoot - Izumi Konata 泉 こなた

Heya Minna-san~ 
I'm back after a long long hiatus thanks to school/internship TxT 
Anyway, managed to squeeze in 2 shoots recently , so I'll be writing about the first one first :D 

Which (as you must have known if you are in my Facebook page) 
is Lucky  Star らき☆すた !!

and the character being 
Izumi Konata 泉 こなた

I have to say Konata is one of my favorite chara xD!!
Because ...
she just represent many of us I feel T3T;;;;;

cannot study.

dont want to study.

not born to study!!


tried playing with more vibrant colours this time around :3 

Also managed to snag Amane-chan my kouhai to shoot as Kagami with me !! 
Check out her facebook here :

Because I have Kagami with me now ;D Of course !!

an attempt at the scene's replication!! 

Also did Konata's Christmas version, for which I rushed the cape within 1-2 hours or so with Ee-chan's help OTL...

this is the original illustration :3

We actually tried taking a Konata-licking-the-cornet shot :P
Like this below xD !!!! (completely unedited kay~ ) hahahaha xD

Have quite a few of fun candid shots too xD !!!

 Offerings of snacks to the Kagami-sama~!! 

chilling nearing the end of the shoot wahahaha xD

In the end, after choosing this one picture below for the cornet shot 

I realized that I have some leftover pictures of us 
so I tried to make this "san-koma" instead hahahahaha xD (no 4th picture thus sadly, cant make a yon-koma) :(((

I feel so happy I was FINALLY able to 
(1) Have a photoshoot at all 
(2) Have a photoshoot of one of my fave chara of all time xD !!!
(3) WITH Amane ~ my pretty Kouhai ~

The shoot is a pretty fun one since Konata's generally laid back, lazy, otaku-ish and tomboy-ish attitude will come naturally to most of us I guess :D heheheheee....  I just have to act chill , sit in the natural way I sit, and remember what she likes to do :D 

Although I tried to act more moe for a few shots (which is kinda out of chara hahahaha - but its a fun shoot for us :D )

Lessons learnt this time : 

(1) Lighting indoor , despite the many many windows in the room, may not be enough TxT , 
(2) Watch out for the ahoge, although it looks good in real-life some shots doesnt show it at the correct angle and it ended up looking like a stump OTL . See below? The first picture's ahoge and the second's are the same. But the angle in the first one makes it look like a STUMP!!! OTL 

To end this post , this picture is what I first posted before anything else, (I only had time to edit in the bubble speeches and emoji signs hahaha xD) Now you see how it was qite a fun shot for us xD I was actually whacked a few times with harisen to get this shot LOLOLLL!!! xD!

That's all for today xD !!

I'll be chionging a few more posts asap :D
sorry for the delay *sigh* 
I just started my holiday last week and this week is ALREADY my last week of holiday (only 2 weeks) so I dont have time to travel overseas (i'll just be stuck at home like a true Hikkikomori while watching anime and making props) :3 Hopefully  I'll get the mood to study next week ebcause I REALLY need to start studying already so I'll be ready for school in Jan :(((( haix... Wish me luck ^^ 

Ciao ~~~


  1. Hello there! I nominated you for Liebster Award in my post. Please check 'em up :D Thanks!
    By the way, what a cute cosplay! I know that character too! >w<

    1. Heya, thx :3 checked them out already ^^ but a bit busy to do the reply currently as I already start work now and it will be a long time before hols (did the past one already so sorry >,<) thx tho :3 wll reply once Im more free >,<

  2. Hellos hellos Terumi~
    Random question: How tall are you? Saw this girl at orchard once.. don't know whether is you but she also has bangs and is very cute like you~ lols~

    1. I'm 153 cm only x'D hahaha ... thanks2 :3 there are tons of cute girls out there lah , may not be me I thk cause I rarely go to orchard area ^^