Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sanji Ramen @ Tanjong Pagar

I'm excited ~ Really quite excited ~ :D !!!!
I recently found an awesome (Kinda) hidden ramen shop near Tanjong Pagar !!

Sanji Ramen !!!

Its located near Tanjong Pagar MRT , about 100 metres away (not really hidden la hor hahaha xD)  , not exactly easy to find but not exactly hard too :/// !!! Its on the way to Vellus hair studio tho ;D  so if you follow the route *here* and keep a lookout on the right side of the route, you'll see the shop !!!! :D 

What's special about their store is their rustic feel ~!!! 

Its a really small Ramen shop ~ :D 

The Menu ~ :D

They have Ladies set too~~ 
LOL (Lolololollllll xD wahahaha)

In the end , Ee-chan ordered :

Pork Soup Soy Sauce Ramen ~ 
( He thinks its this , cant remember exactly OTL)

and I ordered :
Spicy Ramen ~

Now for the taste test , 

The Noodle 
Love it ~! Bouncy , thick and goes well with the soup xD !!!

The Soup
I love stronger taste for Ramen soup and I was skeptical about Ee-chan's soy sauce Ramen at first but it actually can rival my stronger spicy ramen's soup !! OwO its about 1 notch down the umami level I guess on a scale of 1 to 5 xD so if my soup is 4/5 , his is 3/5 ~ :D 

The Cha Shu 
I love my cha shu a little bit fatty and not too tough ~
And I got it here xD ~!! Nicely done  ~!!!

The Menma & the Ramen Egg
Nicely done too ~ :D 
Soft yolk checked !! Tasty menma checked !!

Besides the ramen , one different thing about Sanji is ....

They have their own store-made Spicy Pickled vegetables !
(free flow , and VERY VERY SPICY !!!=[]= but VERY NICE too~ ) 
Which goes very well with the Ramen itself (I played around with my food -hahaha- and mixed it with the soup and it blends in nicely xD) , and Im sure you'll agree that its spicy even if you're someone who loves spicy food like me >,< !!!

After I finished my food , approached the chef to take a picture of him , hahaha , 
so here you are ~~

The Chef-san ~ xD
Thank you for agreeing to let us take a picture of you hehehe~~ xD

A nice ramen place ~ an unexpected finding for me :D !! 

Service is good , we're served quite promptly and servers are polite ~ ;D 

SO!!! If you are dropping by the area, do drop by and have a taste at Sanji xD (really excited because I do think it deserves more customers xD) Meanwhile, I've already planning my 2nd visit to Sanji and I actually have visited a few other Ramen places :3 shall blog about it soon when I have the time to do so ~ 

Ciao ~~


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