Sunday, September 15, 2013

❤ Neko - K the anime - Cosplay Photoshoot ❤

It's been a long time and I've uploaded most of the pictures on my facebook album 
then I forgot that I forgot to blog about it OTL....
so here it is : ^^

I managed to squeeze in a few hours of  "very free " time after a big exam TAT;;;;
and ........ I used that time to do a PS for Neko ネコ ~!!!!

for those of you who are not familiar with the Anime K , 
Neko ネコ , is a 'strain' from the anime 'Project K'
Decided to cos her because I like her chara design and she is soo cute~ xD !!!

K as an anime is pretty slow overall (and too much scenery porn OTL... they could have sped up the whole series) Hopefully the 2nd season will be much better xD because the plt actually has much to promise :D

As for the shoot  , there are pros and cons to the day's session ..

Bad thing is :
My free time at that time is about 6pm ~_~ Understandable lighting was.. horrible because we dont have any strobe light / any lighting source with us  ~_~ so... I usually rely on lighting available on the place itself TAT;;; So... most of the picture turned out quite bad .. T_T 

 Good thing is :

I managed to rescue some photos ... :D
Amongst the hundreds to zillions to unglam and ugly photos , there they are !!!! SOME nice ones !!! *A* !!!! I was so happy when I saw that some pictures turn out quite nice xD !! 
Thanks Ee-chan !! 
And although it will be hard to find another free time,  I am pretty happy I can go to another shoot for Neko again ^^ !!! Yaaay!! ~ <3 

Some problems found when cosing Neko is ... the short skirt ... (I feel kinda unsafe walking around climbing stairs with her attire  hahaha ^^"" lucky I have friends accompanying me :3 ) and her cat-like pose ... :P
Not moe enough to depict her pose accurately T_T and I realized that my wig is... huge... 
Will flatten it for my next PS (if there is any at all ^^") and the bell earring freaking HURT !! QAQ because I dont actually have earring hole, I have to clip it to my ear lobe and 
boy... does it hurt TAT;;;;;;

Anyway...long story cut short

Here you are :3
Constructive feedback are very very much welcome because Im still learning :D !!!
Really hope to improve next time ^^ 

Camwhoring in my room before the shoot :3





If you'd like to see more, feel free to visit my FB album here : 

I'm currently in love with neko ^^  
Which is why I changed my dp to her recently xD too !!! 

Anyway, thats about my first Neko PS, still have quite a lot of cosplans to do so I have to really find time to finish Neko's PS and do another one >,< Argh... feeling quite sad that I cant cos as often anymore T_T when I saw people cosing almost every week I can almost hear my inner heart screaming 
"I freaking want to Cos RIGHT NOW !!!!!!" 

while grabbing my textbook and trying to finish about 50-100 pages of reading per day that is..
ha.ha.ha ^^
Wish me luck kayy xD
Ciao ~ :3


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  1. omg i just knew you're indonesian when I clicked your worldcos link! :'> I'm also a cosplayer from indonesia X'D. Btw, I think your yellow/brown contact lens is not vibrant enough, I suggest wearing princess universe's lens because another brand's yellow lens usually looks brown when wore </3 you're so cute though, I hope we can chat some more :)

  2. just want to let you know, your Neko Cosplay pictures posted on my Blog.

    just lemme know if don't want me to post them :) tyvm

    1. Thank you for telling me~ :3
      and thanks for sharing my work too xD~