Wednesday, September 4, 2013

♫ My Random Diary Entry ♫ - Playing with (not so) new wig

Okay , Hello~
This is going to be a random post :P

 I bought a new wig a looong loooong time ago before I had the chance to dye my hair ombre pink x brown...  and when I was studying some time ago.. =_= I got really stressed up that I decided to play around with the wig la... OTL...

Its kinda like :

went to computer to study

Opened book

Realized how boring/difficult/tedious the readings are

Tried to push on

Within 5 mins...

Ended up like this...

So here are some vanity-laden camwhores in case you've forgotten me muahahahaha xD 

Ignore the shipwreck of my room 

♫Still ~~~ continue to ignore that shipwreck of a room~~~

♫The only other iphone picture which looks decent~ lala~~~

Then after I realized that I've spent 1 hour+ putting on make up, lenses and wig,  I ripped off that wig , wiped off my make up , took out my lenses and returned to my books... =3=~ 

when one have to study , 
Everything else (except studying that is..) become much more interesting ... 

Including cleaning my room T_T

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