Friday, October 11, 2013

❤ KISEKI Buffet ❤

Kyaho~ since its my recess week , I've finally gotten a chance to get out and eat nice food hahaha xD
This time , my friends and I decided to have an eat-out together
and for that, we'd decided to go to Kiseki!!

Orchard Central, #08-01/02/03 
181 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238896 
Tel: (+65) 6736 1216

Operating Hour:
11.30am to 3pm daily
(Last order at 2.30pm)

6pm to 10.30pm daily
(Last order at 9.30pm)

Seating Capacity: 280

BUFFET !!!!!!
so yea, you guessed right ^^" 
this post  is going to be about food galore ^^
I was pretty excited when we went ... cause our friends are supposed to go wait there for us *sacrifice hahaha* *evilgrin* 

in the end , turn out they were stuck and we were at the church TAT;;; *karmaforbullying*
we didnt manage to book , so we have to queue...

and random stuff are bound to happen when you have a group of friends doing nothing but waiting... x'D !!!

After being told by the waitressed that we many have to wait till 1+ TAT 
In the end we managed to get in at 1240 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lo! Behold the food pictures !!!

What I alone took to the table (and finished )
not counting my friends' loot :P

taking a break - camwhore hahaha xD
nope, thats NOT my finger ! ^^ 
its's ee-chan's photobombing hand xP

in the end... the oden's too awesome that I have to take more QAQ;;

Tempura with 3 different Jap curries !!!!xD

creamy white curry ❤

normal japanese brown curry~❤

black curry ~❤

Dessert !!!

Matcha , Yam , Vanilla , and YUZU Ice cream !!!

by this time, I'm already full...
and the regret of eating too much sinks in.... *firstworldproblem*

Hahaha  that's all for today :3 xD
Kiseki is really a niceplace to have buffet in once in a while especially if you love sashimi (can have as much as you waaaaant x'D) After this one week, another busy school session shall begin for me TAT;;; 

will miss having the chance to eat out while completely chillaxing again :'((( 

Hope I can update the blog more regularly too x'(( 



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