Saturday, September 7, 2013

❤ Pika ☆ Pika Meido Cafe ❤

another belated post TAT;;;

This time, its about :
Add them on their FB !!

I went to their latest event at Scape Warehouse a few weeks back ~!
Very glad to get invited xD = can drop by to see friends ~  ❤
Actually was thinking of wearing a meido to the place but in the end only wore casual because I have to rush off (I'm rushing a lot nowadays >,< busy busy >,<;;;;; )

❤ OOTD ❤
Trying to go with a more "street" baby rock look today ~

The event was held at SCAPE Warehouse :3 

must die die camwho first before go in wuahahahaha xD
Its been a while since I have the time to dress up and go out ~~
Feel quite sad that I cant join them because I missed the photoshoot due to school stuff last time >3< 
Maybe next time~ Haizxx.... T3T;;;

 the first thing you'll notice when you enter in the amount of moe~ 
despite the place's barrenness, the meidos are all giving off moe aura

The moment you enter the area, you are welcomed by THIS sight : 

❤  the Cashier area :3  ❤

❤ Already!!! Moe Meidos stationed near the entrance ~~ ❤

Moe Menu !!!

The seating area ~

In the other corner of the room, the merchandise table !!! 

❤ Some more meido and  a butler too !! xD ❤
That's Mirai ( , Jim, and Yuki-Mao-chan~ 

❤ Stage ❤

with Noelle ( and Ringo ( on the stage , em-cee-ing

As soon as I got in, and was putting my bags down, 
I suddenly got attacked from front and back !!!
My Tail was grabbed !!!! QAQ

The Culprits !! 
Hahahaha xD 
No other than Liy ~~ ❤ 
She volunteered to help out at the event :3

and the one in front, with green t-shirt hahaha, 
 Nanami xD, who ran off everywhere energetically 
Until forget to take photo together with her ^^"""""
its good to be young *feeling-old*


I then proceeded to stalk the meidos hahaha xD 

Natsumi, Yuki, and behind the goggles, my purposely-pouting cute kouhai, Nanami, Mirei ~

Beside food, service, merchandises, they also have 
❤ Performances!!! ❤ 

Suzume-chan in action ~ 

Then Natsumi-chan's turn ~ ❤ 

❤ Natsumi-chan Singing and Dancing on stage ❤ 

❤ And Mirai-chan too ~ ❤ 
She's just so so so very graceful xD !!!! *MELTZ* xD !!!!!!!

They also invited some very talented guest performers !!
Like Our very own Momo-chan !!!❤  

The Meidos will  play games with you ~ 
This fierce looking crocodile is one of the games beside many other games you can choose from ;D

You can get polaroids with personalised  messages with the meidos too ~ 

Cute polaroid background + a very cute meido~ xD = ❤ !!!!!

Yuki-chan~ ❤

❤Noelle-chan hard at work , deco-ing her polaroid ❤  

❤  Mirai and Natsumi-chan at work  ❤  

 ❤  Me disturbing Mirai and Natsumi-chan at work  ❤  
Busybody come and bug them to take picture with me !
hahahahahahaha xD

I also went to bother Roslyn(Spica) 
Muahahaha xD

and the MCs of course lololollll

BASICALLY, Im disturbing everyone, gg around bugging for 
"pictures ! take pictures with me !! Hahahaha xD"

AND, when I was gg around the artists' sections , there are some interesting booths !!!
Like this one, offering live sketches!!

and this one very talented artist we saw : 
Orange Owl

Sample picture vs the real thing!!
Sooo cute xD !!!

 ALSO SAW Tim !!!!!
❤ Tim-san, the man behind EOY xD ❤ 
He was so nice to volunteer as the lighting technician for the event xD !!

And suddenly, when there was a chance to take a group photo with the ultra cute Meido-tachi~ ❤ Jumped in and hahahaha : voila !

There were still tonnes of events and performances after that but I had to bid goodbye to everyone as there are tonnes of work waiting at home to be done T3T;;;;; 

So I kidnapped Yuki-chan ~
;D jkjk~

Hahahaha Yuki-chan very nice agree to take picture with me LOL xD 
Turn out to get this impromptu shot  ❤  xD LOL !!!

Anyway, yea,  didnt really spent the whole day there... 
cant help out because of work too .. *sigh* .... however, although I only spent 1-2 hrs there, I had lots  and lots of fun that day ~ !!!! 

If you want to find out more about Pika Pika , feel free to visit our FB page ;D 

Yesss, I was very happy~ 
Got a huge One piece bag too hahaha xD

On a random note,  
recently, I missed ICDS and STGCC because I have to study... *sigh*.....
Hopefully once my exams are over , I can get some time to study for future exams so even if the exam is near AFA etc I wont have to worry so much and can still attend the events *sadlife*

Seems like I'll continue blabbering about random things if I speak even more whahahaaha xD
SO !!! Before I digress and talk about even MORE random things, 

Hope to see you guys at events nyaa? ❤

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  1. Wow! You are soo cute!!! Its looks like you had heaps of fun :)! Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Let me know :)

    1. Heya Chloe~ Thanks ~ you too xD Love your ririchiyo~ xD and yup, followed ~ <3 :3