Saturday, August 31, 2013

Going Brown x Pink Ombre @ ❤ Vellus Hair Studio ❤

Hello Minna-san~ 
as you've read in my previous post *here* , I've dyed my hair from brown to dark brown x pink ombre @ Vellus Hair Studio. Decided to try ombre because if I dont try it now, it will even be harder for me to try this hair colour in the upcoming years when I will just get busier and busier >,< and workplace rules get even stricter >,<


❤ Before dye ❤

Camwhoring at the place hahaha xD

I took this picture below because 
the colour reminded me of Stocking from Panty&Stocking !! xD 

look alike right ? xD 

Anyway , when rushing there from another appoinment, I didnt have time for lunch so I thought  might as well take it as "diet" and eat more at dinner time ... but...

I got fed by the boss too I missed lunch ^^""" Paiseh Paiseh .. hahahaha
but these kuehs are very nice >3< !!!!!!! 

Anyway, forgive me for digressing (hahaha xD) , so, yeah, about the dyeing , :

During ~ ❤

Theeeen ~ the final results after a few hours of hard work by the hairdressers  !!!!

!❤ After ❤ !

and the days after ~~


Was rushing to school so no make up or anything hahaha ^^"

As of my 5th Wash , the colour have faded some more from the intense hot pink 
to this peachy pink colour below :3 ❤

If you're interested in making an appoinment with Vellus Hair Studio you can call them at : 

Add :83A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, Singapore 088504
Phone : 6224 6566
Open 10:00am - 8:00pm

For how to get there (direction to vellus hair studio) , read the end of this post linked below :3

If you're interested in purchasing Manic Panic Dye (Classic Creme or Amplified)  for yourself , you can get it from Vellus Hair Studio  as well ;D !!!!

a picture with Trevin and Josie~ Vellus' very nice hairdressers xD !!
Look for them when you visit Vellus !! xD 
(Josie asked me to censor her face because she's shy hahaha xD )

Aaaaaaand ...
on another note, am loving my new Scouting Legion Jacket xD !! 
hehehehehe ~ xD !!!

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If you decide to drop by Vellus Hair Studio to pamper your hair , remember to claim your Free Bottle of Essential Oils k ;D 

if you're looking for some apparels, 
feel free to take a look at 

You get 20% OFF and a $2 voucher if you quote Terumii~ :3

They also have a Retail Rack at Far east plaza, Blogshop empire #01-102