Sunday, August 25, 2013

❤ BonJapan Theme Cafe ❤

Hello ~~

Yup.. if you find this familiar, this is because 
This happened quite long ago (hahahaha ^^"") 

Recently I've been so overcome with work and school I dont have time to do anything else but read my texbooks and finish my tutorial materials by the the time I reach home at about 7pm T_T Only to wake up at 530am the next morning  :( So I apologize for the delay ^^ 

Anyway , I worked at BonJapan Theme cafe last month :) thanks to Tim-san , EOY's Organizer  ^^ 

Decided to wear my Alice-Waloli Yukata to the event because I really love the design XD!!

The sleeve is long and spacious too xD Really love this ! xD

We were given trays to help us serve 
I chose the blue one because ... hehe ^^ it matches my costume~

There are several food set options as you can see below :D

❤ Maid & Butler 

❤ Rilakkuma 

❤One Piece

The Venue was Scape Warehouse :3 

The Stage area has BonJapan's Original Japanese Merchandise :D 

I managed to get a New Card !! Wohoooo!!! xD 
It has chopper design as compared to the old Rilakkuma design one xD !!!

During the event , I met many many old friends as usual ^^ Was really happy because I wont be able to join them for Pika-Pika Matsuri or Cosmo Youth Parade's maid cafe because I missed the yukata photoshoot >,< haixx... seeing that school is really busy I hope I can join them sometime in the future >,<

Trina-chan ~


Both of them were matched in the @home-cafe inspired maid costume which we got for EOY last time ~ xD So cute ~ 




 Shizu~ xD

My super duper cute secondary school Kohai Kimberly~ 

Yu Bin LOL ! 

A very blur group pic ^^"

A Less Blur Group pic 
taken by Ee-chan who dropped by 

both with diff group of people xD 
Made some new friends too >,< But didnt manage to take picture with all... >,<;;;
Should have taken with each and all >,<;;;

Anyway , I ended up ending my shift 2 hours earlier because I had a splitting migraine and was starting to feel nauseous TAT ... Thanks to prolonged sleep deprivation the past week courtesy of work... TAT 

I had a ton of fun during the event tho !!! 
Got to try a new costume , meet new friends , and see gorgeous ladies (and handsome butlers errrrrhmmm errrhm... ) around too ! Wahahaha xD !!! 

Really hope to see them during future events again because I probably will be going to events less since my schedule is not so flexible anymore now :(

Ah !!! and below are some more pictures from the event that Ee-chan took ;D 

Maid Conspiracy~ heheheee~

Moe Moe Spell~~ xD 

Oh ya ,
And I usually update my fb page most often/in a more timely fashion because that is the most accessible media form to me ;D So feel free to follow me at my FB page too if you want to receive timelier updates ^^ 


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