Wednesday, August 14, 2013

False Lashes <つけま> Review ❤ Diamond Lash DL51593 ❤ Girly Eye~ ❤

Hello ~
I've gotten these lashes for quite a while but hasnt had the time to review them yet because I rarely wear make up out now that I'm in full gear for internship TmT;;;;

Thankfully, recently ,I finished my first posting's exam AND !
 I finally had the chance to wear them out ! xD

❤ Diamond Lash DL51593  ❤  Girly Eye~  ❤ 

❤  close up ❤ 

How the promotional picture looked like :3

picture below from

And here's how it looks like when worn: 

☆ close ☆ 

☆ open 


☆ both eyes closed ☆ 
Hahahaha , I guess you can see how "anyhow" I drew my eyeliner  that day because thats really how rushed everything is for me right now T_T not much time to do make up too..

and here's my review :

❤ Design
I like how the design have this dramatic fanning-out effect at the ends, :3 really helps to give your eyes the enlarging effects although the downside is.. the look become not so natural  :(

❤ Comfort 
Yep :3 pretty comfortable ^^ almost if not on par with Dolly Wink :D Although Dolly Wink is still slightly more comfortable :3

❤ Quality
These lashes are not as sturdy as Dolly Wink's lashes (expected, seeing DW's price T_T) So be careful when removing your make up :) Carefully wet the base with cotton soaked with make up remover before removing them else, when tugging them off, they can get damaged :( which means you cant re-use them

❤ Overall
I am pretty Happy with Diamond Lash xD The lashes are soft, comfortable , and for $20+ for 5 pairs, it isnt a bad deal at all considering these are more comfortable than Daiso lashes :3 and are similarly reusable (hahahaha) for 2-3x Daiso's price ^^ Really excited to try their other lashes but must save up $$$ first T_T;;;; 


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