Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cosmo Youth Parade 女子高生 Mini Photoshoot ~ ❤

Hahaha, another post I forgot to poooost QAQ !!! 
Anyway , Went for Cosmo youth parade last time and since Ee-chan was there, 
we did an impromptu , totally unplanned shoot... However, lots of small tiny misfortunes happened along the way....

Before that.. at home.. I was...

Curling hair~ ^^
(busy still camwhore hahahaha xD, and yea... what a mess of a room !!! x'D)


on MRT, still camwhore OTL...
I, amazed by my own vanity... 
Anyway, my school ended late and the bus got delayed and I was late for Cosmo... =_=""" very very late...

then the shoot...
because It was not planned, I didnt really put a proper make up.. I wasnt cosplaying for the day (totally no time OTL) thus the lack of properly done make up.... second misfortune... 

and I was really really hungry at the time so I was like fussing all the way...

"Ee-chan!! faster shoot la ! Then we can go eat !!! *stomach growls* " 
Hahaha *evilme* thus... T_T quite cui... (this is pure hunger and selfishness not misfortune la hahaha ^^")  and second last misfortune.... if you noticed, I just accidentally chopped off my side fringe, thus, the uneven side fringe T_T Luckily it has grown longer now....

 Outdoor ~ 


which turned out better.... *fyuuh*

GG somewhere to Eat ~
see a nice chair, sit down and pose hahaha xD !!! Looking like a ghost !

we went to eat at Wisma foodcourt, 
Tokyo Pasta~ xD!!!!!

My camera taken photo is nicer than the huge camera loh! lololollll
because.. angle... xD heheee~

my half eaten pasta lololollll
I was so hungry I didnt take a proper pic , I regret it. Definitely eating this again xD !!!

the last misfortune...
dropped my papaya halfway TAT;;;

Sigh... It was a long and hectic day TnT;;; It was in the midst of internship n classes too... 
Good thing it has passed, and since now is my short break, I have time to consolidate my events diary. OTL...

That's all for today lah...
Will be posting again soon because I have a little bit more time now... 
Ciao meanwhile~~ ;D


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  1. you are beauty full like a doll <3 <3
    love and kiss by yogur