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Maze Soba ❤ Sanpoutei Ramen @ Holland Village

Hello :D 
I've not reviewed ramen recently hehehe... 
but I'm still and have been eating them regularly LOL
And recently , I found myself eating at Sanpoutei quite often because they serve decent ramen and they're quite close to my place ;D

Basically , they're from Niigata as they mentioned under their logo :3 Most of the pictures here without my logo are obtained from their facebook *here* ;D so feel free to visit it for updates ^^ hehehe I suppose this picture below is their original shop at Niigata

At Holland Village, you'll find this one though :D Much more modern looking :D but nice ramen nevertheless !

 I've only realized recently that I have NOT written any diary entry about Sanpoutei QAQ !!! I feel pretty horrible ( am I getting lazy ? or is it just that their food is so nice I actually always forgot to take pic T__T ) So anyway, I figure I might as well start with something I've ordered more than a few times at Sanpoutei 

❤ Maze Soba ❤

Ok. Let me get this straight. I was SKEPTICAL about this from the beginning. I especially LOVES spicy ramen and at Sanpoutei, the ramen I ordered most often last time was their Kara-Miso (this one below) 

I love everything about that one ( will write more about it in a separate post ) 
But Ee-chan was ALWAYS ordering Maze Soba whenever he's there and so one fine day I decided to give it a try since I was starving that day and the 1.5x noodle portion kinda tempted me and so...

❤ My Maze Soba ❤
Dont ask me why its called soba. I tried researching it from google but I cant find anything about it except for the fact that it just means "mixed soba" and the original name was "abura soba" T_T anyway, here's it 

It comes as a big bowl of ramen with a bowl of soup 

Look at that pretty bowl :3 

Topped with chopped ❤ Cha Shu ❤ 
Menma  , Ajitsuke tamago, negi and nori ~~ 

Cha Shu 
Ee-chan joked that this may be the misshapen leftover cha shu after cutting the big blocksof cha shu for the other ramen since maze sobais about 10-20% cheaper than the other full topping ramen set. To be honest i dont know, and I dont care , because they're tasty xD ! Of course you dont get a big slab of cha shu like if you have ordered kara miso but this is more or less the same ;D just chopped into cubes :D 

The Menma, Nori , Ajitsuke Tamago
I have some qualms about the ajitsuke tamago - they're not consistent :( Some days the flavor is strong, some day its not . But overall sanpoutei's ajitamago is pretty well done already except for some bad days. The nori and menma are usually always consistent except for one day when its a bit too soft but overall nicely done :D 

The Soup
The soup is pretty thick and has a strong punch of flavours . Its basically like a strong broth. I usually only add 1-2 spoon of this soup to the noodle before mixing the noodle so its not too runny (I like strong flavors) , but I guess if you want to tone down the flavor , you can always add more soup because the noodle itself aleady has some concentrated sauce mixed in with it :3  

Before Mixing 

❤ After Mixing ❤ 
Look at them noodle 
I think in my past life I never tasted noodle or just see a lot of people eating noodle but never had a chance to taste it because in this lifetime, I can vouch for my love for good noodle. I'll take noodle anytime over rice - unless its koshihikari, I'll probably consider it erhm...

The Noodle 
I love Sanpoutei noodle ❤ they have the right firmness and bounciness ( that pleasant "chew" ) to them ^^ It goes really well with the maze soba sauce and the other ramen (kara miso , shoyu etc) that they have:D 

Anyway for Sanpoutei , their shop decor is pretty nice :3 If you arrive at the right time, you can actually watch them prepare their noodle from scratch LOL especially if you sit near the entrance :3 I've watched them make noodle twice and it was at night if I didnt recall wrongly ^^  I've been there so often that one of the waitress actually guessed our order one of the day and Ee-chan burst out laughing , embarassed because it just meant we' visited so often she can remember us x'D Speaking about noodle again, I've never taken a pic of the noodle making but Sanpoutei has them in their facebook so here you go :D 

Deliciousness in the making xD

Anyway yup, that my experience with Sanpoutei with regards to their Maze Soba :3 
Its about $14 if Im not wrong and it taste pretty good ;D Will write more again about Sanpoutei once I visit them again for their Kara Miso (Im kinda missing it now that I've been eating Maze Soba for some time )

Hope this is useful :D 

❤ Cia

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