Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yuki Onna / 及川 氷麗 l Tsurara Oikawa Photoshoot ❤ Nurarihyon no Mago [ ぬらりひょんの孫 ]

Hello ~ 

A while ago, I have a 1 week long holiday and I've decided to (finally, urgh ) take a look at my OLD Yuki Onna shoot folder. Which was done ages ago T__T (sorry Ee-chan and Wen-chan - despite all of your hard work , it really took me a while to sieve through it and decide which one are representative enough of Tsurara T__T ) 

For those of you who are not familiar with the series and character, here's an introductory ;D 

The series is  

Nurarihyon no Mago [ ぬらりひょんの孫 ]

And the character I cosplayed is Tsurara :3

Why her ? Why the series ? 
Because I friggin love her character design and I really really loved youkai stories x'D !! Speaking of which, Nurarihyon is a pretty good one ;) I've always loved youkai animes/mangas since I was introduced to anime. Afterall, my first DECENT , more serious/adult themed anime (not counting doraemon, sailormoon, wedding peach, conan etc) is InuYasha :3 after that, moving on to anime with more traditional/ youkai-nmyouji themes are just pretty much an enjoyable experience ^^ I find youkai manga enticing for reasons I cant explain myself - maybe its the story ? the mythical theme ? But yup - Anything from Natsume Yuujinchou, Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no ,  Black Bird , and many many more are a pretty fun read :3

Also , I'm not sure why but so far , I noticed that I really like more traditional-ish costumes compared to brighter flashier modern costumes. Lookingback, I really loved my senbonzakura and yukata-based costumes >,< !! 

Speaking of Tsurara , finding and deciding on her lenses was .... torturous :(
The reason being, her eyes are bright yellow in colour in her youkai form , and dark blue in her non-youkai form (she's still a youkai, but she's per say not in 'attack-mode'  I guess) . What makes thing difficult is the pattern. Her eyes have this hypnotic circular pattern to it. Initially, I've ordered this pair of yellow lens because the yellow is striking enough for it to be visible in a distance and the black limbus does give sufficient enlarging effects. 

Then after getting those lenses
, I actually found one lens with more accurate pattern QAQ;

At first, I was super happy , because it wasnt easy to find exact replica of the lenses. But then after finding reviews and thinking for a while I realized that there may be a few problems with the lenses . There are so many rings on the left lens such that it wont show on pictures unless a close up is done. But for the right lens, the pattern is actually pretty close and the only thing I have about it is the lack of limbus and the fact that it has a smaller diameter and no limbus and thus may not be as big as the first yellow lens. I was torn to death on deciding whether I should get this lens. 

Although in the end , after I weighed in the fact that the yellow is more visible in the first lens ( after digging for a review from sb who bought the spiral lens and mentioned that the yellow is not so visible from a distance and the pattern is not even close to noticeable from a few metres T___T ) and counting in budget and schedule crunch  T___T I've decided to go through with the photoshoot with the first lens first... *cryingariver* *cryingtearsofblood*. 

(sorry for the poor cos photo quality ^^ photo above is not processed and its just a selfie that I thought was nicely taken hehehe so I decided to upload it although its not exactly relevant to the cos series . And because I was BROKE OTL... I made the hair accessories from scraps I have hoarded, painted it and attched hair pins on the bottom side :3 --> as you can see OTL... *poorstudent*

Would have loved to have a shoot at a Japanese house / venue T__T 
Its sad because I have not found such a place yet T_T
(I want to fly to Japan and do a shoot there QnQ)

Anyway, here are some of the final shots which I think are nicer >,< 
I havent seen through all the photos yet (sorry , took quite a lot ) 
so I'll be uploading at snail's pace over time hahaha ^^"""

placed myself at a super awkward angle here and the hair was such a horrible thing to manage. Thanks to my lil sis who help prop my head before I lie down so the hair is not as messy as it could have been =A="" believe it or not my feet was like dangling weirdly off the platform OTL

Anyway ,I'm really dying to do a shoot for Tsurara's blue eyed school version and a proper outdoor shoot if possible - am looking for the right time to do it as of now *sigh* Hope I'll be free soon enough else my cosplans are just going to pile up T_T Sometimes I cant even remember what did I buy a specific type of cloth for *sigh* 

Yup thats it for today :3 
To everyone who have supported and helped me through this photoshoot, thank you very much !! I'll continue to try my best so that I can improve !! 


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