Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lunch ❤ Saveur @ Bugis

Hi Hi ~ 
Just a short diary entry ❤ A while ago I went to eat at Ma Maison after Ee-chan set the wrong appointment day for Saveur . But eventually we had  the chance to go eat at Saveur :3 Today's post is going to be about that :3 

For that day's coordinates I was looking to wear something more pastel-y so I wore this pastel corsage "scrunchie" out. 

Have gotten myself some flower accessories recently but hadnt have the time to wear these out so I've decided to wear them out that day ^^

with a DIY-ed messy lace choker hahaha 
but much cheaper than buying a ready made one ^^"
Also wore out a mori-ish pink striped lace top that I got recently with a white inner lace dress :3 Lenses are iFairy Pon Pon Gray ;D You can read my review about it *here*

Saveur is located at Bugis and when we reached, Ee-chan and I ordered 4 dishes (one of which I forgot to take T_T ) but basically these are the rest . 

Pork Belly

Onsen tamago and some lentils ? Hahaha Im no pro in this kinda food :3 Love the belly and the onsen tamago. (made me want some tsuyu tho hahaha ) and the lentils goes quite well with the rest ( Im surprised ) OAO

Ee-chan also ordered duck confit 

Duck Confit 

This is like, the kind of food I will see Heston and Gordon make but never really understand what it means. So after googling confit is like kinda (to make it very simplified) Sous Vide in oil ? Sounds oily but the duck is REALLY TASTY ! xD Love how the duck is so smooth and the skin is soo crispy xD 

Potato Gratin 

in Ee-chan's words : if there were 2 portion I'd have eaten them all. I'm not a fan of potato (except for Poulet's mashed potato - that is an exception ^^ ) so I cant say much about the gratin. It taste nice to me but not sth superbly nice :3 #teamduckconfit

Was quite full after that cause we already ate at home and Ee-chan want some dessert too we headed off for desert straight after that . Affordable french cuisine? Yup! Affordable. Food is nice too and its a breeze of fresh air in terms of the type of food I eat everyday (which is like,home cooked Japanese style food hahaha ) unless you eat french food every day of course ^^" 

Will I return ? 
Yup :) food is nice and I'd love to try the other food in the menu I havnt tried yet :3 one qualm that I do have is how NOISY the place is T__T its like a packed but clean hawker centre somehow I really wish people who eat there are quieter (not the resto's fault )  Maybe the next time I visit, I'll go during quieter hours ;D 

Have you eaten at Saveur before ? 
What do you think about that place ? ;D

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