Sunday, May 17, 2015

SCANDAL World Tour 2015 「HELLO WORLD」♥ Singapore


As you might have known, SCANDAL has dropped by Singapore as one stop of their 2015 world tour 「HELLO WORLD」! The concert was held on  May 8 2015 at The Coliseum™, Hard Rock Hotel® Singapore Resorts World™ Sentosa :D !! I was quite lucky and really happy that Ee-chan and I were able to attend the concert ( and all thanks to CutePop and SOZO for the opportunity !! ) Really excited to see SCANDAL a second time after their last trip to Singapore when I got a chance to join their interview *read here* xD !!! 

Anyway, It was a mad, MAD day for me cause Im rushing from work to home to sentosa and I almost went crazy from all my hectic schedule that week !!  

But in the end Ee-chan and I made it to the concert !!! 


Ticket !!
Happy ! Happy ! Happy !

Back to SCANDAL , 
the concert was great !! (Tomomi and Mami are still soo pretty xD !!) The sound system's a bit too loud on our side so during the louder parts of the song we cant hear the lyrics well :'x being 153cm tall , I can only see their head and shoulders most of the time - wish I had brought a stool and binoculars with me *sigh* .Anyway, It was awesome to see them sing again in SG ! xD 


Here are some pictures from the concert itself ! Photography during concert isnt allowed (although erhm... quite a lot of people around me were taking pictures with their phones, but oh well *have to abide by rule, so I didnt take any x'D * ) Therefore, All of the pictures below are courtesy of photographer Kenneth Lim and SOZO :) 

If you love Japanese Music ;D 
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Do take a look at the links if you're interested ;D 

Meanwhile, this will be the end of my post today :) 
Hope this is useful :D 

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