Monday, February 23, 2015

Oreimo Cosplay Photoshoot - Goko Ruri 五更 瑠璃 / Kuroneko

Hello~ Happy belated CNY ~
Hope you've had an awesome holidays ^^ 

Today's entry is about Kuroneko's shoot . Kuroneko is a character from Oreimo 
Oreimo is short for 

Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 
which means "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute" 

The character I cosed was Kuroneko 
This, below is the default version :'( wanted to go hardcore mode and shot 3 versions at 1 sessions since its a rare indoor studio session which otherwise wont be so affordable :P but sadly my default cos didnt arrive on time :( so next time for this...

However, I managed to cos the meido version and my friend Spinelo agreed to lend me her costume for the shoot !!! :D So in addition to the meido version, 

 managed to cos the pseudo- kimono / yukata version too :D 

during the shoot, we have pleeenty of people crammed in xD and luckily my senpais and my fellow batchmates kindly allowed me to hog some space for a while ^^ hahaha , else I wont get some nice shots which has a chance of happening in like 1 in a 100 OTL...

My first reaction when I arrived was 
so we tried to replicate this scene below here 

it turned out like this... 
Im admitting that Im really getting too old to cos the likes of Kuroneko T_T 
(which is why Im aiming to do as much cos as possible right now because I know the amount of time I have for cosing is just going to decrease as I enter the workforce in my field - healthcare :'(  - wondered how Misako Aoki juggled it since she's be almost as busy as most healthcare workers T___T ;;; ) 

upper angle is not so bad but Im not really happy about how the lighting turns out... a bit too glaring :( but we tried out best ^^ (yay) and I had awesome fun drg the shoot, ESPECIALLY because I get to meetup and catch up with some friends too !!!!

Group photo in the middle of the shoot ! 
Everybody drops whatever they're doing for this lololl !! 
And because I have to leave T___T so my seniors and friends very nicely gathered and took photo so we can have a complete group pic :')))  - ( on a hindsight, looking at this pic I think one of my girl friend is missing from the pic tho ... OxO; ) 

Would love to thank every single person - my friends, senpais and everyone in my school's cosplay society who had helped make this shoot possible ^^ without these awesome people cosplay scene in my school will be close to non existent or plain boring - they have regular makan sessions (which I never attended sadly because of my schedule) , prop making sessions and exciting group shoots :) !!! They are also an awesome bunch who will gladly help with advice when cos is concerned ;D Im glad I get to met them and join the club at the beginning of my first year - else, I'd probably have not learned as much  :) 

So Thank you minna-san, for helping me learn so much 
and I hope to learn more and do better the next time around ^^ 

❤ Cia
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  1. I'm pretty sure you will have time to cosplay even after you enter the work force ><! I look forward to your future cosplays ^^