Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lens Review ♡ i.Fairy Tofi Blue ( ・ω・`)//~~

Since I've not been reviewing lenses lately >,< I've decided that 
I'm going to review one pair of lenses that I'm currently using ;D 

iFary Tofi blue !

When I saw the promo picture below , I was soooo tempted !!! >,< !!!! 
But I was conflicted if the lenses will actually be as visible as it is in the picture below because Dolly+, despite looking very nice in its advert picture, doesnt actually give me the very obvious blue I want D:...

In the end , I bought it tho :/ because I need some lenses for my cosplans anyway...

and speaking of lenses, ;D
Loving my new Soft Cream Lens Casing Now ~ 
Bought it for only $1 in Indonesia~ xD !!!

 The lens design :

without further adue, 

this is how iFairy Tofi Blue looks like when worn :D !!!

Room Lighting 

With & Without Flash !!!   ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

Review :

I love the design !!! Its not too dramatic a to make it unnatural and yet it gives a natural look by mimicking the iris' pattern when viewed from a distance :D Quite in love with this pair xD !!! 

iFairy lenss usually doesnt give me this problem but with this pair , I felt its a little bit drying :3 Not something major though. Easily resolved by eyedrops and I usually wear them out for cosplay only so It's still pretty comfortable :D 

Yepp! Needless to say , as with other iFairy lenses, it gives more than enough enlarging effect ;D 

In love with them  ;D !! The colour showed quite vibrantly in pictures despite the lack of flash ! :D If I have to compare it with iFairy Dolly+ Blue  *review here*, I would say this has a score of 7.5/10 while Dolly+Blue has the score of 6.5/10 ony because Dolly+ Blue, despite its cute look is semi-transparent while the blue in Tofi Blue is actually quite opaque --> which means the blue is actually more visible :D !!! 

Will I buy it again ? 
Yes !! xD Love it !!

I used this lens in one of my cosplay shoots too !! :D 
For one of Neko's eye read about it *here* :D
Quite obvious isnt it ? ;D

So, that's all for today's review :3
Hope that has been useful ^^ 
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TAT I'm in love with this character xD !!!! 

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