Friday, December 20, 2013

Nippon TV 日本ブーム沸騰中!ニッポン大好きシンガポール

Just a short update

I appeared in a jap channel video T3T hurhur *so happy
its just one second ... but oh well xD hahaha xD 
happy regardless  (easy to make me happy LOL)

I'll be writing more soon after I finished my props and stuff since my very short hopliday starts tomorrow ;3 

Meanwhile, Cya~


  1. Hello Terumi, this isn't related to your post, but I would like to bring this to your attention:

    I don't know if this shop is authorized to use your photos, so apologies if I am disturbing you!! >~<

    1. Heya Janet , yup, they took the photo without notifying me :( *sigh* thank you very much of informing me about this . :)