Wednesday, November 13, 2013

❤ Going 2-tone Brown with VELLUS Hair Studio ❤ SEIFUKU

Hello People~~ 
As you may have known from my FB, I've recently changed my hair colour from Brown x Pink Ombre to 2-tone brown for some reasons :

(1)Its a bit difficult to maintain a nice ombre shade with my crazy work schedule :( No matter how much I love the ombre shade >,<;;;; hurhurr....
(2) I have to cut my hair anyway because its getting difficult maintaining my past-waist long hair :/ I have to use 3-4 pumps of shampoo and 5-6 pumps of conditioner every single time I wash my hair TAT;;; hurhur....

and lastly but more importantly !!!!
(3) I look more 'guai'  :D !!!
(literal translation : 'obedient' but I meant it in a way that It gave me an easier time at my work/school because you know:P :
- In my field of work people will judge your credibility by your hair colour  :(((( SAD
- I dont need to bun up my hair EVERYDAY anymore just to hide that pretty pink TAT;;;
- the 2 tone is quite nice too ;D so yea... I'm more or less ready for a new hair colour~

Last few camwhores of my Ombre hair before  I went off to Vellus to cut it off ^^"""

(sorry lah , Toilet camwhore x'D I was rushing off and I have no big mirror in my room)

So I dropped by Vellus Hair Studio to dye my hair to a lighter shade of 2 tone brown :3 

I have to study even as Trevin dyed my hair TAT;;; 
hurhur.... because I havent managed to memorize what I'm supposed to memorize by then... I  swear I may have some early onset dementia already... No matter how many times I read =_= I just cant seem to retain it...

I felt really sad that they have to cut off about 15 cm of my ahir ends... 
I dont knwo if its only me or .... but I always feel pretty sad when I have to cut my hair TAT Do you guys feel the same too when you have to cut your hair ? >,<;;;

Anyway, skipping the hours of tedious process ^^
After Trevin worked tirelessly to give me the two-tone colour I wanted 
Here's the end results !!! 

I only remembered to take picture of my hair after I've had my makeup REMOVED !! >,<
So yea , the picture below can be an eyeburn but focus on the HAIR ! The HAIR kay !! xD
The two-tone is somehow not very obvious in pictures but its actually quite obvious in real life :3 The inner layer of my hair has some strands with lighter brown tone on it while the outside layer is made up of the darker shade of brown (so I wont be scolded at work ^^ ) heheee... *ignore my humongous forehead LOL* xD

But after I dyed my hair , I have a shoot session for Pika Pika  Meido Cafe's Upcoming event ;D So here's my new hair  ;D With complimentary Seifuku ~

FROM LEFT to RIGHT ;D What do you think ? xD

I'm personally loving it~!! xD
Although I'm still quite sad the Ombre pink has to go ... :P 

Anyway , ^^
If you're interested in making an appoinment with Vellus Hair Studio you can call them at : 

Add :83A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore, Singapore 088504
Phone : 6224 6566
Open 10:00am - 8:00pm

For how to get there (direction to vellus hair studio) , read the end of this post linked below :3

If you're interested in purchasing Manic Panic Dye (Classic Creme or Amplified)  for yourself , you can get it from Vellus Hair Studio  as well ;D !!!!

look for Trevin and Josie~ Vellus' very nice hairdressers xD if you decide to drop by !!
(Josie asked me to censor her face because she's shy hahaha xD )


If you decide to drop by Vellus Hair Studio to pamper your hair , remember to claim your Free Bottle of Essential Oils k ;D 

if you're looking for some apparels, 
feel free to take a look at 

You get 20% OFF and a $2 voucher if you quote Terumii~ :3

They also have a Retail Rack at Far east plaza, Blogshop empire #01-102  


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    I want to dye too! And sigh I feel super sad when I have to cut off my hair, because my hair grow super slowly then I still go chop it off =_=

    1. Will hv the chance soon ;D Im looking fwd to your new hair !! Must show me first kay !! hahaha xD

  2. Hi! Can I know how was your hair texture after dyeing it? Did it turn very dry and damaged?