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AFA SG 2013 - Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2013 - Event Preview :D

It's this time of the year again ~ and what more exciting Anime Con is there in Singapore beside  Anime Festival ASIA !!! I visited AFA on its First Day running, ( 8th November 2013, Friday ) as a part of CutePop to watch the event preview !!

Official Write up from AFA :3

Singapore, 8 November 2013 – Anime Festival Asia, South-east Asia’s largest premium experiential festival for Japanese Popular Culture returns for its 6th year today. For the first time, exhibition grounds, stage and concert halls are open for all three days from 8 to 10 November 2013 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. Jointly organised by Japanese investors Dentsu Inc & Zepp Live Entertainment, and Singapore-based organiser SOZO, Anime Festival Asia 2013 expects to welcome over 80,000 local and overseas visitors.

The festival started off by giving visitors a rare treat with a preview appearance of more than 10 special guests, artistes and celebrity cosplayers on stage this afternoon. Crowds cheered and snapped photos as the festival stars shared their excitement and thoughts of performing at the festival.

This year’s highlights include:
  • I Love Anisong Concerts and Valvrave Night: VIP tickets for Saturday and Sunday’s performances had sold out two weeks ahead of the festival. The first night of I Love Anisong will include the world’s first EGOIST concert, prominent music creators Hachioji P, livetune, and motsu x DJ Kaya, and home-grown idol Valerie’s solo performance. Saturday’s I Love Anisong will feature music divas LiSA, May’n and Eir Aoi. On Sunday, the first ever special concert dedicated to “Valvrave The Liberator” will feature angela, T.M.Revolution, and Elisa. The night’s special guest performer, Nana Mizuki, will make her overseas debut. There will also be a special stage segment featuring voice actors Ryouta Ousaka and Ryohei Kimura.
  • Featured Anime: Anime lovers can look forward to appearances and in-depth discussions by the creative teams of some of the hottest anime titles. The world premiere of Noragami’s first episode will be showcased in the festival. A dedicated Experience Zone for Japan’s top anime title, Shingeki No Kyojin, will include exclusive merchandise as well as the world’s only 1:1 Scale Titan head at the photo zone. 
  • Cosplay: A multi-national cast of celebrity cosplayers will dazzle visitors with their cosplay during the festival. AFA Regional Cosplay Competition, featuring competitors from Vietnam for the first time, will see the best cosplayers battle it out for the prestigious title.
  • Festival Hits Returns: The ever-popular Akiba Town will offer an extensive array of merchandise and collectibles for shoppers. Diners can look forward to AFA Café, which combines the Moe Moe Kyun Maids Café team with the Atelier Royale Butler team for a refreshing experience. The Creators Hub’s showcase of talent and Mini Stage’s activities are set to keep visitors engaged at every turn. 
Anime Festival Asia 2013 will open from 11am to 9pm on 8th November, and 9am to 9pm on 9 and 10 November. Tickets for the festival, concerts and related showcases can be purchased at the events grounds. For more information on the festival and the event schedule, members of the public can check out and

As summary, this year , AFA ran from : 
8, 9, 10 November 2013 
(Friday ~ Sunday, Fri: 10am - 9pm ,Sat & Sun: 9am - 9pm)
  at  Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

I had school that day , so since I only have limited time to do my make up while rushing from school to AFA's preview, I decided to dress up as a Lolita instead :3 

The Event preview started with the Emcees introducing the event highlights and then inviting the artistes and guest cosplayers out one by one ;D

Starting with AFA's boss ~

Followed by Guest cosplayers from Malaysia : Angie and Ying Tze :D 

Next up is Moe Moe Kyun and Atelier Royale Cafe's personnel ~ <3 
chanting their "Oishiku nare~ Moe Moe Kyuuun~~ " spell to the audience ~ xD !!!

Aaaaandd....... guess whoo!!!??? 
Alodia Gosiengfiao !!! Super awesome cosplayer from the Philippines !! xD 
OMG !!!! I was SOOOOO excited I got to see her !!!!
(albeit from 4 metres away TAT;;;; hurhur) 

Going on to the artistes , 
Here's Valerie , previously from Sea-A* ;D 
She's singing AFA-2013's theme song this year : ORIGAMI !!! :D 

Bushiroad's Shachou !!! 
Brandishing  Vanguard plastic bag ;D 

motsu x DJ KAYA is up neext !!! 
The moment they stepped onto the stage, everyone cant help but cheered up with the duo's "hyper" greetings ! 

Livetune !! Looking very hip in his getup! xD

He looked quite different doesnt he ? :D 

Hachioji P was at the preview too~ :D

Up next....
I bet anyone can guess who this is (needs no more introduction ) hahaha xD 

LiSA of course !!! ;D

And the really really cute  Eir Aoi

As well as May'n !! ;D 

AFA 2013 this year came with a huge array of highlights to offer :D 
as you can see below ;D 

Sooo.... Here's what was showed on the preview ~ I attended Day 1 and Day 3 (and not Day 2 because I have some work to finish TAT) and I shall blog again soon about my AFA experience ;D once I have the time to sit down and type ;D hehehe..

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