Saturday, November 2, 2013

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bear Bites Singapore ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Last week , I have a photoshoot session for Kanade (Tenshii) from Angel Beats. Afterwards, since I have to go out to meet a friend at Scape anyway , I decided to try this with Ee-chan !! :D This Paw Burger !!!!

Ta-daaah~ !! So cute right ? xD xD

I read about Bear Bites from facebook and got tempted to try. 
I mean... look at these x'D they're friggin cute !!!!
(pictures from BearBites' FB)

Since when I went there it was already quite late in the afternoon, the photos I took are quite dark TAT;;; But look at the crowd!!! :D Sign of good food !!

Even the lamp reads "Bear Bites" xD LOL so cute ~!

I waited for quite some time, watching like a hawk for the employee to open this tub below lolol !!!

and ta-daaah~ !!
CUTE buuns!!!! PAAAAAAWWWW!! xD!!!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 

Aaaand VOILA !!!
Here's my Curry Chicken and Ee-chan's Milk Chicken Paw Burgers :D !

Our sets comes with :
(1) Paw Burger (can choose what bun+sauce+main filling) (2) fries (3) bottled drink :)

First BITE !! Hmm not bad at all !! :D

I mean , the chicken is quite big :D 

And the fries are actually very well made !! Crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside !! :D

The Queue is very fast and the price is ok . Roughly $7 for the burger, drink and a generous helping of fries :D !!! My only qualms are :

1. The sauce :(( They have sauces to go with the friend chicken fillet and you can customize these. These sauces are quite runny however !!! OAO and since they're placed in plastic bags like shown below , when I took it out , the sauce actually flew all over my dress T3T;; I wish the sauce is thicker so it wont just get sprinkled all over my dress hurhur... TAT

2. The fries
Ee-chan and I ordered 2 sets , so 2 tubs of fries ~_~ one tub is veeery nice and crunchy ! The other has turned into mush TAT;;; maybe because its just cooked and not cooled properly or maybe because it has been there for quite some time? (not sure) but yea... TAT

So , will I come back again ? 
Yes :) I actually will come back again! The taste is nice and portion generous compared to *cough* other fastfood stalls :) The bun is reaaallly soft and fluffy and guess what ? The curry bun actually tastes like curry , and the milk bun tastes like milk ! (no bluff :D) So I guess its worth it giving another try. 

And yeah , initially I thought its INSIDE Scape and spent some time looking for it . 
So FYI, its OUTSIDE of scape ! Near McD and Old Chang Kee which are located at the open air space where a lot of clothes stalls are :) 

Here's a view from the front (picture from BB fb)

and here's the view from another side :) sorry for my blur picture hahaha ^^

Overall : Tastes good. Portion is good too! Happy !!\( `.∀´)/
So I'm happy 
(hey I'm not sponsored hor !!! This is my own opinion HAHAHAHA ) 

Ciao~ :D


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