Tuesday, November 26, 2013

AFA SG 2013 - Day 1 in ❤ Lolita ❤

Hellow Minna-san~~ 
Its been 2 weeks (OMG! >,<) since AFA and I finally had some time to sit down and see what I've got in my camera :3 \\\(>,< )/// SO , because I've to rush from School to AFA , I only have about 45 minutes to prepare , which wont do my Senbonzakura Luka justice :(( so I decided I'll do Lolita instead :3 which takes less time to prepare than Luka :3 


So , AFA !!!

First thing first , I arrived JUST ON TIME for the Event Preview as CutePop representative ... >,< Lucky~~ You can read about the preview at Cute Pop *here*
or at my blog  *here* 

Saw May'n , Eir Aoi , Alodia , etc during the preview !!!!!!! *fangirl MODE ON* xD I was soooo happy !!!

When the event preview was done, I went in and roam around the event area :3 Was really happy I got to see some old friends xD !!

Suzumeee !!! <3 xD 

Close up Selfie heheee~ ❤
visit her here 
She has lots of dance covers there ;D 

Walked around ~ 

My BRO ( I wish!) !!! 




NYANKO SENSEI~!!!! *faints*



NYANKO SENSEI~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! >,< !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waaaaaaa xD 
So excited to see so many cute Nyanko Merchandise !!! 
afterwards, there's an awkward incidence though , when I was fangirling in front of an array of Nyanko sensei's merchandise, a photographer came over and nicely asked if he can take a picture :3 However... in the end... it became a chain of photographers... I remembered feeling quite conflicted then... one one hand felt a bit impolite to just refuse the photographers outright , on the other hand ... I'm DYING to continue fangirling, ogling at Nyanko-sensei's stuff most of which I'll never own ... hurhur...TAT .... ^^""" what goes inside my brain at that time is roughly like this : 

Moving on ~ ^^

Apparently from a new anime Valvrave OxO I'm not very updated nowadays, do Inform me if I'm wrong ^^ have been pretty busy with school lately and seriously hv not much time to nurture my otakuism ~_~"" OTL OTL OTL...

But look who I found !!
Neko Titan-kun !!!!!

Hahaha, thank you for allowing us to take picture of you !!! xD

Some other pictures of AFA ~~

Ultimate Madoka~~ Haaa~~❤ So pretty~ xD

I still remembered how much I liked Love is War last time >3< ~~
So sad that my cosplan got cancelled in the end OTL..

They also have Wall Maria HAHAHAHA xD

Censored my friends' faces for "confidentiality" LOL xD

Terrible... Teriible ... Lolita Titan and 2 Titan Armin 

They have the gigantic Kyojin head too !!!
Hahaha , Ee-chan asked me to take this picture for him LOL!!!

At the end of the day, AFA Day 1 is quite fun ;D 
The crowd is not bad yet, probably because its Friday and not many people are free to come down to AFA yet ^^ So its still quite easy to walk around unhindered , although I've heard that the selection of things on highlights are pretty 'outdated' considering that they've only highlighted few new animes :3 

My Personal Opinion ??
I'd continue DREAMING that they'll actually drag the whole SOUND HORIZON team here , or even REVO x Yuki Kajiura duo alone will make me jump, roll around, and then faint in a fit of joy xD already xD hahaha , but yes, I do wish (after Kalafina last time) that AFA will one day bring REVO (and perform Marchen PLEEEEAAAASEEEE QAQ ) HERE !! 

*pray hard*

Anyway, here's my full OOTD for the day :3

Mix and matched the dress and accessories from a few pieces hahaha ^^ 
My straw bag is a gift $30 fom Harajuku :3
The white shoes are bought from sgcafe for $25 if I dont remember it wrongly OxO


I went to eat lunch/dinner at Soup Spoon afterwards 
*daily dose of randomness begins*

My Clam Chowder xD!!


That's all for my AFA Day 1 ramble today ~

Bye Bye~~~ ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

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