Friday, October 11, 2013

ULTRA Belated Birthday Stuff ~ ❤


This year , for my belated birthday , my friends gathered at Yayoi Ken for my birthday 
*proclamation of love to the restaurant* 
I've decided to turn off my birthday notif on FB because I didnt like replying to hundreds of bdae messages , esp from people I dont know at all OTL.... and I'm not a big fan of big birthday celebrations too (in fact I'll at most awkwardly stand and thank people who are there or awkwardly smile while receiving presents OTL... #notasocialperson #hikkikomori)

So ...
 *teary* I was really touched that my closest friends actually remembered x'D and gathered at the restaurant just to have a eat-out together ! sorry I couldnt treat you guys TAT;;; Let me be rich one day and treat you guys to nice food one day k.... TAT;;; (by which time you guys would have been richer than me I guess hahahaha ^^"" )

At Yayoi Ken , 
ordering a badass mixed steak set with Ee-chan 
something we normally wouldnt order because... 
its ALL meat =[]=

Regarding cake, this year's cake is very cute in my opinion !! :3

Ee-chan made a cake for me this time..
which... turned out like this.. xD wahahahaha
I was laughing while tearing in my heart when I saw this ! 
so touched and yet at the same time, feeling that this is sooo funny xD


this is supposed to be Skyrim's SweetRoll !! xD


actual thing 

Very HUGE and with waxy globs of sugar on top x'D 
my friends were equally horrified amazed to see this
(how are we going to finish the whole thing x'D) 
hahaha , but really really .. lots of thanks and love to Ee-chan who baked this !!! 

Le SweetRoll is  Sweet indeed x'D !!!

Some presents I got from my friends ~

Thanks Amreet~ ❤
Really sweet of you :'D!!

Thanks Debbie and Singgih ~ x'D 
yes, I will use this together with my other hat hahaha x'D 

Thanks to Micha and Jaslyn for the cute windchime xD!!!
I'm hanging it in my room although no wind inside :'D LOl!! xD

and thank you for the guys who came over despite you guys' equally busy schedule just to celebrate with me x'D !! Really appreciate it !!!

Oh god...
turning older and older every year ...
more and more wrinkles *whip hair in  my vanity* hahaha x'D
I wish to be a nicer and better person and friend to you all with every year that pass by ^^ like how you guys have been to me :3 !!!



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  1. OH NO! Cant believe I missed it ):
    Happy belated birthday baby!