Monday, October 15, 2012

Dinner @ Ootoya ~~( (ミ´ω`ミ))

Heyaa~~ ^^ Gonna get treated by Ee-chan at Ootoya today , so I went to C.Hall

when I passed by Dhoby , I saw THIS !!!

I'm so Slowpoke !!! 
Apparently ayanami Rei has been here for so long !!!!! >,<
Anyway , yeap~! 
Went to Ootoya to have dinner there ^^
Its located at City Hall, near the fountain of wealth area ;)

7 spices chilli >m< !!!!
Its sho nice its almost blasphemous T_T I love spicy chilly~!!!

we ordered main dishes and side dishes... 
my choice is potato salad :P

nice and safe ~~
its so fuffy and creamy TAT~~

Ee-chan's choice : (and I admit I kinda contribute oso T_T it just look too weird not to order .. 
Curious curious ) 

this is black bean , with wakame , with sth else :P in shoyu 
despite its appearance , i actually like it , especially the black beans !!
But somehow my favorite wakame became a bit weird tasting :P
Ee-chan liked it though :P

Ee-chan's set 
which seems not drama at all compared to mine :P 
My set " more drama " :P

My set ~! Its called Ka-san ^^ (muahahaha , kinda reminded me of 'okaa-san' xD ) This thing was so hot it came in a huge plume of smoke that I had to fan off before taking pic:P 

Anyway ,
All these (below) are the complementary side dishes which came with the set :3

Oh yes , did I mention FREE FLOW rice , Cabbage salad , AND miso soup ;P 

No, this isnt a side this . This is just soft fluffy warm  plain rice that was so nice I stopped eating halfway to take a pic of TAT

Dessert :
Matcha ice cream  with Blanchmange :3

I dont think I have to say anytg about this ..
My first time eatign blancmange 
even had to wiki it because I had no idea what it was hahahaha xD 

But ...
lets just say its soft, fluffy , sweet , and heavenly T_T

kinda like eating the last pudding of my life.... T_T

finish eating , proceed to camwhore hahaha xD

Ootoya !! 
My first time being to this kind of restaurant 
(cheapo me will only go atas restaurant when there is special occasion / when i got treated muahahahaha xD) 
Needless to say , 
as you prolly can guess , 
The food was awesome !!! !!!!
so awesome I actually was tempted NOT to take any pic of them T_T 

Ended up nomming sloooowly till it closes :P 

the night draws late, 
and I have tons of homework to finish , 



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