Monday, August 6, 2012

Floral Wreath DIY (Cheapo TM)

I've been longing for a floral headband for a while now, 
something like this >,<

but outside (at the stores) it can costs anywhere from $10+ to $30 ;;>,<;;
as a student , of course I have to survive on a low budget 
And when I saw Mirai's pretty pretty headband , 
and found out that she actually made it herself , OAO
I am inspired to try it out. 
Asked her and she said to use wire. :3

Today, I was cleaning my room when I found out that I have some random stuff that actually can make a pretty decent floral headband albeit not a perfect one ;) 

these are what I found :

some flower wreaths my friend gave to me sometimes back .
These are only two. There are a BUNCH of them.
I twisted it around my night stand because I thought it would be such a waste to throw them away
Turn out I can use them now !! xD 

Some Art Yarn I got from DAISO at $2

Some paper rope I got for a project looong looong ago .

And So, I started off by :

1.  Measure roughly how long you want your headband to be . 
You can do this by winding the rope around your head :) 

After you've cut the length of rope you want , 
tie a knot at the end of the paper rope, 
around the wire of the flower
 Make sure you tie a dead knot ! :D

2. Twist the wire around the rope

3. Do it until the wire is all wound around the paper rope 

4. Continue with another flower. ALternating the colour will make a good contrast ;)
Nature is messy anyway, so its okay if your wreath is a bit messy ;)

5. It should look something like this after the 2nd wire is attached

6. Now, I'm using the yarn to add varieties ^^
you can use beads, fur or anything you want as long as it looks nice :3

FIRST , tie 2 (two) dead knots around the wire 
just behind the knot of paper rope (step 1)

twist the yarn around the paper rope 

I've twisted some flowers and yarn around the rope. 
Now it should look something like this ^^

7. You'll want to leave an extra length of yarn 
when you reach the end of your wreath

8. Tie 2 (two) dead knots around the wire using this extra yarn

Dead knots to secure the yarn to the wire !! :D

9. Cut the extra Yarn 

10. Continue twisting the flowers and EVENTUALLY,
you'll have something like THIS 

Yaaay~ xD 

But I find it a bit flimsy actually, since I'm using paper rope as the base.
You should use a THICK, BENDABLE WIRE of you want a STURDY HEADBAND 

11. BUT if you dont have thick wire, 
and you're cheapo ^^
you can use bobby pins Cheapo TM ^^ 
This will help the headband stay where they are
preventing them from falling off your head ^^

Remember the first knot  of paper rope in step 1? ^^
pierce the bobby pin through the middle of the knot :D

it will look like this! \(^_^)/

Do it at the other end too ~ 
and ~ 
ta daah ~~~

Ready to wear ;D
hope this help ^^

                        (/ (/
Terumi~ ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

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