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Lens Review ♡ i.Fairy Dolly+ Brown ( ・ω・`)//~~

So many things went on these few weeks from some shoots, to project deadlines, to appearing on Hello! Japan to me x'D!!! I really really have to find some time to blog all that's happening or else this blog will just die OTL....

In order to discipline myself from spouting excuses such as "too tired...too lazy" 
I finally decided to blog about one of the lenses series that I bought because I thought they have awesome designs !!!

Yeap ! 
Today I'm going to write a review about a pair of lenses I tried recently for my Suzumiya Haruhi shoot read *here* :3 

iFairy Dolly+ Brown !
this series is also known as Vassen Dolly plus Brown for those who purchase from Vassen! :)

I bought this pair because I'm looking for a pair of brown lenses which is on the mellow side, but at the same time allow it to stand out . For this I've purchased a few pairs and initially, seeing that dolly red is quite vibrant, I thought dolly brown will lean towards yellow/gold rather than brown, as pictured in the ads above :)"

on the lens case, I definitely still thought so !!

 Look at the lens design !!

The design's quite vibrant isnt it ? ;D
Now lets move on to the review of the lenses when worn !

This is how iFairy Dolly+ Brown looks  like close up when worn :D !!!

Normal Room Lighting 

Shadowy Lighting ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

With Flash !!!   ( ・ω・`)//~~ 

Review :

I find the design simple and not too unnatural. The black ring and simple design allows the colour in this series to stand out quite a bit and I feel that this series will be good to use for cosplay ;3 however, the downside is of course, it doesnt look as natural as some other lenses. Puffy 3 tone series from barbie is natural looking but the lack of the solid black ring means the enlarging effects are not as much as ifairy's -- in the end, it depends on how you want to replicate the chara's eyes I guess :3

Comfort wise, this is a comfortable pair of lenses ^^4 hours straight under hot weather and its perfectly comfortable for me :)

Very good enlarging effects ;D 

Good if you're looking for a pair of brown lenses that will stand out during shoots :3 However, if you're looking for yellow/gold :( be prepared to be disappointed as unless you take a close up shot/ have very good lighting on set,  the lenses' colour tend to veer on the side of light brown rather than yellow/gold that is portrayed on the ad :3 

Will I buy it again ? 
Yep! This works quite nicely for me since Im not looking for gold/yellow lenses this time around :D the brown does stand out and provides a very nice mellow soft brown colour to your eyes ;D Wont really be wearing this much if you want something which look natural though ^^ but yes, this is good for cosplay ;D

Here are some pictures from my Haruhi shoot which I took with my phone, 
just to show you how it leans more towards brown 
I guess, if you're using some sort of flash or reflectors when you're taking pictures :x or taking SUPER CLOSED UP pictures , the gold/yellow hue will show, as seen in my close up pictures up above O.O

The picture below is taken by hi-def camera but is totally unedited
As you can see, the pattern is clearer, making the colour more noticeable but not much brighter :/ 

With proper lighting blasted FULL POWER at your face from the reflector (which is very hot <literally> and blinding at times <hahahahaxD> ) it can look clearer :3 this added with some processing can look quite vibrant ^^

So, that's all for today's review :3
Hope that has been useful ^^ 
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